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The Girl, Wash Your Face author talks to VINAZINE about the importance of finding your tribe, her next book and more!

Two words, vinas: Rachel. Hollis. In case you haven’t noticed, the popular online personality’s new book, Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be has become (We aren’t lying: it’s held the Number 1 spot on Amazon and has spent weeks on the New York Times best-seller list).

In VINAZINE’s exclusive interview with Rachel, who also founded, we talked about everything from the importance of friendships to her next book (yes, it’s happening!) and the actual face wash she uses. Let’s get to it, vinas!

Q: Hi Rachel! We absolutely loved Girl, Wash Your Face. Can you tell us what it’s been like to see the enormous success of the book? Can you even put it into words?

A: It’s actually really hard to put into words because it has exceeded every expectation and dream that I have—which is saying a lot because I am such a BIG dreamer! I think what I am most humbled by is how much women have rallied around the book and told other people to read it. The success of this book is 100% word of mouth. We didn’t have a marketing budget or an ad budget and so what you see is truly the results of friends telling friends. Knowing that so many strangers are willing to work so hard to help me is the greatest gift I can imagine.

Q: You gave so much incredible advice in the book—I literally have a million Post-Its all over my office with your words scribbled on them—but one thing that really stood out to me was the quote: “What other people think about you is none of your business.” Can you explain the importance of this quote? 

A: This advice isn’t just about ignoring the haters… it’s about ignoring EVERYONE’S opinion about you. I knew I shouldn’t listen to haters… where I really struggled was with the opinion of family and friends (who I really cared about) who didn’t like that I was a working mom. I loved my work and I was so proud of the company I was building but I held so much shame about it because I knew that other people didn’t approve. Whether someone likes you or doesn’t like you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you stop concerning yourself with what they think, you’ll be so much happier and healthier and able to focus on how you feel about you instead of how they feel about you.


Q: Another interesting thing you wrote is that the #1 question you get from your followers is how they can form meaningful friendships with other women and find a solid group of friends. Why do you think women are struggling with this right now? 

A: Because we live in a society of comparison. Everyone is so busy comparing their own life to someone else’s Instagram that we miss the opportunity for community and connection. Comparison makes us feel like we’re in competition rather than community. I think that by being honest about who we really are and what we’re currently walking through, we can create real connection with other women.

Q: That’s why Hey! VINA is all about helping women connect with other amazing women around them and establish a meaningful connection. Why is friendship so important to one’s personal happiness?

A: We need someone who sees the truth in us when we can’t see it in ourselves. We need someone to tell us that we’re incredible when we’re feeling uncertain. We need someone to tell us that we’re being a jerk when we’re being a jerk. We need someone who will be our accountability circle AND our hype squad. Good friends are a gift and they make life more magical and beautiful.

Q: How have you found your tribe?

A: I believe I found my tribe when I started to live more fully into who I truly was. I believe I struggled to find real friendships before because I wasn’t being my authentic self and so I couldn’t find people who “spoke my language.” Finding a group of people who just GET you changes everything. Not only is it fun and fulfilling, but it’s also deeply validating.

Q: Here at Hey! VINA, we completely agree. If you had to choose, what one thing do you hope readers take away from your book? 

A: That they are in control of their lives, they are in control of their mindset and they are in control of what happens next.

Q: What was the easiest and hardest part about writing this book?

A: The easiest part of writing this book was writing the acknowledgments because I have so much gratitude for all the people who’ve helped me get here. The hardest part of writing this book was writing the chapter on the first year of my relationship with my husband. It was such a hard and hurtful season for me and revisiting it was daunting.

Q: Tell us what you can about your second book and what’s lined up for the rest of the year!

A: The second book in this series (my 8th book in life) is called Girl, Stop Apologizing and it’s all about how to chase down and pursue your goals… without feeling shame about it. So many women I know don’t have the courage to speak their dreams aloud. They worry about what people will think of them for having big dreams and so I wanted to encourage women to stop apologizing for who they are and embrace where they’re headed. We also produce several live events: some are small and intimate, some are 3K people and last the whole weekend long, all of them are about personal growth for women and how to become a better version of yourself.

Q: Last question! What face wash do you wash your face with?!

A: Actually, I’ve been using this organic one and I LOVE it! 

Thanks for talking to VINAZINE, Rachel! Vinas, be sure to check out Rachel’s book, “Girl, Wash Your Face,” out now. And need help finding those meaningful friends who will make your life more magical and beautiful? Start swiping TODAY on Hey! VINA! Chat, make plans, and start living the life you want.

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