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Calling all vinas—here's how to make sure your plans slay!

So by now, you’ve seen the big changes on your app: we at Hey! VINA have launched some exciting new features on the app—new communities, your chance to be a VINA VIP, and the long-anticipated PLANS feature, where you can now plan group hangs for anyone in the community or organize one on one vina plans!

But what goes into making the plan super successful? Well, we’re glad you asked.


  • Share it! Once you set a plan, make sure to invite your vinas. Even if your friends aren’t on VINA (yet!), you can share the plan via email, text, Facebook, etc. Just click “share it” and go from there!
  • Give any updates about the plan in the plans page! Want to tell everyone that there’s a frozé special🙋? Or that your fave instructor will be teaching the fitness class👊? Or just that you can’t wait to see their faces, text it in the plan👯! Your vinas will get the text notification.
  • If you have a public plan, like you’re hosting a networking event or a playgroup and you want every local vina to show up, remind them about the plan the day before and tell them more about yourself and what the plan will consist of. Since it’s an open plan, encourage them to bring their other friends, too!
  • Picture this: You arrive at your open plan at a park or a bar, but you have no idea where other vinas are. Instead of making that awkward eye contact, use the “V” hand signal (just like you’re making a peace sign) so that other vinas can find you and know they’re in the right place for the VINA plan. You’ll also get a notification when a vina arrives, if she “checks in” on the plan’s page.


  • Promote it! Every successful plan has the selfies and photos to prove it. So take @vinazine worthy pics, come up with your custom hashtag (#VINAnightout, anyone?), and tag your new vinas in the post. It’s a way for everyone to connect via social media and make a plan for your next event!
  • Leave a final note. Even when the event is over, it still lives in your plans page, so leave a lasting message to your vinas: “⚡️Thanks for coming out, vinas!✌️ Hope you all had fun. See you next time🍸!” It’s just a way to cap off the amazing event.

Try our tips out and let us know how your plan went! We can’t wait to hear about it—and we’re here to answer any Qs!


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