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Embrace it all, vina!

Have you ever stood in silence, lied in bed and stared upward at the ceiling or went anywhere without your phone? Think about it. Those are 3 specific moments in time that will always be in your personal “you time.”

I’m an advocate for timeless moments captured by the naked eye because daily life is almost equivalent to a month-to-month lease; no real guarantee. Instagramming a new restaurant, Facebook posting about your first day on the job or tweeting about your favorite inspirational celebrity ignites a small dependence upon social appreciation and overall acceptance.┬áBecause of this dependence, you need to learn how to live in the moment.


When you first wake up, reaching for your phone to turn off the alarm is most likely the first thing you do. And, immediately afterwards, you begin to check your messages and scroll through social media. Instead, how about taking deep breaths, making some breakfast or brunch (depending on how early of a bird you are), or go for a walk around the neighborhood to take in the fresh air and scenery around you. We, as humans, truly miss what may have been in our view for a long time.



Yes, I know, it might be the perfect moment to record your favorite music artist’s concert so you can reminisce on it later, but honestly, the feeling of being there, enjoying every second, is so much better. You pay more attention and that person who keeps bumping into you and apologizing for it becomes your new friend! Plus, it’s not your job to show what every else is missing.


There’s a more interactive thought process going on when you have to put puzzles together or figure out solutions. Try going throughout the day without your phone coming to the rescue. How can you do this? Explore the town on your own! The plan is there’s no plan. Figure out the lay of land and see what there is to see. If you get lost, even better! Use this time to experience your surroundings and embrace whatever the world has to offer.┬áTaking a break from technology and living in the moment is the best way to truly live your life. So get out there (without your phone), vina!

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