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Beat the heat the next few months with these five easy-breezy (AC included) studio classes!

Ahh, summer — ‘tis the season for hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, kiting, boating and the like. However, if you find your enthusiasm for sun-soaked adventures being met with mixed looks of terror and confusion, fret not! There are still plenty of opportunities to stay active even if your best vinas prefer the concrete jungle and comfortable air-conditioned rooms over venturing out to the great outdoors. Forgo bug repellent, sunscreen re-applications, and nature’s elements with these amazing studio classes:


While there are many great variations to choose from (ex. The Barre Method, Pure Barre, Industrial Barre and so on), I really enjoy Barre3 workouts. The classes are zero-pressure, low-impact, joyous, high-energy, and unique every single time I show up. A class typically lasts an hour and is set to contemporary uptempo dance music. In case you and your vina get hooked, Barre3 is also available online — yes queen, you can stream hundreds of workouts with an affordable monthly subscription!


The reformer is a complex piece of workout equipment that requires extensive training, but the benefits of the exercises are endless. The combinations of moves are exhilarating and you’ll feel that your entire body has ‘woken up,’ lengthened and toned within a few sessions. While there are many studios that host reformer classes most of them are much too pricey for a mere millennial mortal, which is why I personally favor the Club Pilates franchise (i.e. the studios are clean, the instruction is high quality, and the prices are within reach).


From aerial to power, to yin and restorative — yoga can be a truly uplifting experience to share with a friend. I’ve been to many yoga studios around California and the Pacific Northwest, and all of my favorites have these things in common: clean locker rooms and studio floors, well-cared-for props, and down-to-earth instructors. The instructor really makes or breaks the overall class experience so I would Yelp and Google the instructors of the classes you’re considering before choosing when and where to go. For the record, Jana Kilgore rocks my world.



There are infinite spaces which host spin classes, although the more popular franchises are Soulcycle, Cyclebar, and Flywheel. I’ve never really enjoyed the sensation of cycling so I don’t have an unbiased personal recommendation for you, but what I can tell you is that this workout can become very hard on the knees, very quickly, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Proper form is everything in most exercise regimens, but it’s acutely felt in this one.


Even though these are rare gems to find, they are so worth the search! The rowing machine workout is totally underhyped (which I feel is a travesty). Rowing is a full-body,  fat-blasting activity — in just 45 minutes of steady rhythmic movement, you’ll feel like a magical fairy gliding out of the studio. I recently discovered Urban Row in my neighborhood, and I am so excited about getting on a more regular schedule.

There’s nothing quite like pushing yourself to ‘go the distance’ with a friend by your side; so grab your soulmate for a #swoledate and have a great time sweating it out! Take a walk to cool off afterward, grab some post-workout smoothies or coffee, and reminisce about your favorite moments.

What are you waiting for? Start swiping to find a vina who loves fitness in your area! Tip: Join the athletes, runners or yoga community to maximize your matches!

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