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Monday morning blues got you down? Your cure might be a work wife!

Walking into work on Monday morning is always a struggle, but what never fails to put a smile on my face is finding my work wife already there, smiling, and ready to take on the day with me.

A work wife, according to Urban Dictionary, is “a woman with whom you work, whose proximity and frequent interaction leads to her becoming your primary female companion during work hours.” Basically, she’s your BFF once you clock in.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without the supportive work wives I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. From retail work to office work, I’ve always managed to find another vina at my job that makes me laugh while also inspiring me to work harder. They were the ones who helped me learn difficult procedures and gave me the heads up on tough managers. The point is: they’ve always had my back and looked out for me — in and outside of work. Without them, my experiences at those jobs wouldn’t have been the same.


Work wives are an irreplaceable treasure. They’re the ones that make even the most boring of days bearable. They’ll support you in your new endeavors and be your biggest cheerleader when you take on a new project. Not only will you share inside jokes about your boss’s ridiculous ties, but they’ll be there for you when you clock out too.

Some of the best friendships in my life have come from vinas at the workplace. Their friendship became so strong that the idea of not working together during the weekends made us sad. And even though we may not work together anymore, they are still genuine friends to this day.

Female relationships in the workplace are meaningful now more than ever because in so many fields, women are the minority in their workplaces. In a world that pits us against each other, it’s refreshing when we build each other up instead. So if you’re heading into a new job, find yourself a work wife. I promise you won’t regret it.

Connect with other work wife vinas to make the workplace more like a scene from “The Office” than “Horrible Bosses.” 





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