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From polished East Coast fashion to relaxed West Coast style, people seem to fit in with one coast or the other.

From a young age, I had always admired New York’s sleek, authentic and fabulous way of life. The idea of a big, glamorous city full of all kinds of people was enchanting. I was in awe that you could be yourself in a huge city without the pressures of others caring who you were, what you did or even what you wore. The FREEDOM.

It seems that individuals go to a big city to find themselves, to lose themselves or to try on another outfit of who they could be. New York City and Los Angeles can either make you or break you, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to try their styles on. You know you were made for the city when you desire more.


The second I landed at Los Angles International Airport and felt the sun shining in through the small airplane windows, all I wanted to do was embrace the salty air and this new, relaxed way of life. This was another sense of freedom that New York City doesn’t necessarily have to offer. L.A. allows us to completely let go of standards and move at a slower pace — which is totally opposite of its East Coast counterpart.


Beachy and feminine vibes float through the air of L.A. Surfers cruise through the streets on their long boards, radiating this aura of “hey man, life goes on.” Well hey man, life goes on much slower here than on the other hustling and bustling coast.


Edgy and fashion-forward with a flair of vibrance, the streets of Manhattan are a calling to some of us! Some are drawn to the street art, where Basquiat made his mark and joined the Pop Art crew of Andy Warhol. Others love to watch the fashion interns dashing through the streets with bags of expensive clothing for photoshoots. And others embrace the culture of doing whatever they want without the input from those around them. The feminist and outspoken ways of Sex and the City are never too far gone in the streets of New York. It’s who we are and who New York City shapes you to be.



So go out and explore the world around you! In cities full of possibilities, might as well get lost and find out where you belong.

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