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Sometimes we need to remember the vina who knew us best.

To my first friend,

It’s been too long since we’ve last seen each other. Some may say that we are different people now then who we were when we were younger and that we were perhaps only meant to stay together during our childhood. Despite all of this, I could never forget you and I will never stop being your vina.

You were the first person to teach me how to be a true friend. From the very start, you let me bring you along the trajectory of my crazy ideas and I would follow right behind you and yours. We went through the many changes of life together, including me moving up a grade and you switching to a new school. Through it all, we were there for each other. The strength of our friendship helped make those transitions easier. You made me who I am today without even realizing it.

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The end of our friendship was neither of our faults. We didn’t have a major fight or big falling out. By the end of middle school, we were both destined for different paths and eventually, we grew apart. We began making new friends and exploring new interests and that was OK. Some childhood friendships inevitably don’t last as far as adulthood. Please know that no matter what, I always thought about you and I still consider you a dear friend. I look back on all of the memories we made in our six years of being best friends and I still consider them some of my best of my life. To this day, I look at the pictures on your Facebook and silently cheer you on, thinking about how you’re going to make a name for yourself in this world.

We are no longer the two kids who would spend hours at each other’s houses each day. We are no longer begging our parents to let us have sleepovers every weekend. We are no longer revealing our deepest thoughts and dreams to each other every chance we get. We’ve grown apart and we’ve grown up. Just know, no matter what, I will always support you, no matter how far away we are—in distance or in heart.

Thank you for believing in me just as I believe in you.


Your forever vina

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