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No matter how you find your sisterhood, you don't need a pair of traveling pants to do it. Just put yourself out there and see what sticks, it can't hurt!

When it comes to finding sisterhood, true vinas can be found in many places. For those of you in school, your greatest gal pals can be found in your university halls or at your off-campus jobs. For others of you not in school or new to jobs, finding true lifelong vinas can take a bit more effort. Especially when you don’t have a pair of traveling pants.

I found my sisterhood through a group chat on Twitter. It all started when a Twitter-famous girl posted a tweet one morning in March 2017. In her tweet, she said that wanted to start a group chat full of #girlbosses from around the world who just wanted to support and love each other. Naturally, I wanted to be a part of this, so Ali added me, and here I am. We started with a little over 100 girls and over the past year and a half have dwindled down to 30 of the most caring, loving vinas I have ever met. We call ourselves Twitter Girl Gang, or TGG for short, and honestly, I would have never imagined that that 100-girl group chat would last this long or evolve into the caring support group we have.

These girls are my true vinas, my sisterhood around the world. Some of us have met, some haven’t yet, but I am sure that one day we all will hang in person. Over time, we have evolved from a group me chat to a Twitter memes chat, a Snapchat group, and email pen-pals, talking every day for the past year and a half. As life goes on, some of us may not talk as often, but we always know we have a home and a family to come back to. A pair of traveling pants may not hold us together, but the love and support we all share for each other does. 


What TGG has is rare and there aren’t too many people like Ali wandering around starting group chats, so how do you find your sisterhood? Well, other than my main group of gal pals in TGG, I have found a ton of groups of supportive girls that I have found online.

The first is Facebook Groups. Search for and find groups based on your interested and you’re sure to find tons of awesome vinas in your area and abroad to grab coffee with or just to talk to online if they live out of your area. Some great groups I’m a part of are Girlboss Gang, inspired and created by Sophia Amoruso and her amazing company. StyleHaul Society is perfect for those in the Youtuber/influencer/creative field. Boss Girl Bloggers is great for all blogger girls out there. I’d recommend RMSuperwomen for our boss girl Rebecca Minkoff fans. Lastly, The CF Community. for college fashionista style gurus. Join groups related to your job field, your hobbies, your school, your area. No matter what your interests are, there’s bound to be a Facebook group out there for it, and if there’s not, make one!

Another way is to search Twitter and the internet for the words “group chat” or “girl group” and see what comes up that you could join! You never know if you might find your own TGG out there.

For offline bonding, try rushing a sorority or joining student organizations related to your interests. Attend networking events related to your industry or concerts or social events and go alone, you’ be surprised how outgoing and social you become when you are alone in a crowded room! I met two of my newest vinas this way and it was the best thing I could’ve ever done! In a matter of minutes, we formed our own little girl squad.

And, of course, there’s no better way to meet new vinas than going on Hey! VINA  and planning group vina dates with a few of your new vinas.

No matter how you find your sisterhood, you don’t need a pair of traveling pants to do it. Just put yourself out there and see what sticks, it can’t hurt! Accidentally stumbling across a tweet that changed my life, and you can find that too.

How did you find your sisterhood? Let us know in the comments!

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