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Because beauty doesn't just come in one size.

We live in a world of airbrushed magazines, popular clothes brands capped at a size 12, and Instagrams only showcasing toned and tanned bodies. And don’t get me wrong, these people are beautiful. But so are the bigger bodies which feature rolls, cellulite and stretch marks. Among this world of “the ideal body” lives a fierce tribe of big beautiful vinas who are passionate about body positivity and body confidence. So as a way of celebrating these people, we’re putting the spotlight on five plus-size vinas who are slaying the game right now.


Blogger-turned-entrepreneurial BOSS Gabi Fresh is an incredible role model to the plus-size community. She has paved the way for plus-size fashion designers with her gorgeous swimwear brand, Swimsuits For All. She has been such an inspiration to many vinas out there and has given people the confidence to wear whatever they want and feel UH-MA-ZING.


One name that immediately springs to mind when I think about the plus-size community is Tess Holiday. She’s completely changed the plus-size modeling industry and has taken it by storm. At a UK size 22, she continues to model (and does it damn well) and spread the idea of self-love and acceptance. Definitely give her books a read if you’re looking for some help on loving yourself. They’re amazing!


I’d be very surprised if you hadn’t heard of this BABE before. She’s killing the game right now and has appeared in so many different campaigns spreading her positive message about loving your body no matter what. She’s been in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Sports Illustrated to name a few. Her goal is to “break the beauty standards” and show people that just because you’re considered plus-size, doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful and successful.


Blogger, writer, presenter, YouTuber. She does it all. And slays…hard. Grace is someone you can really easily connect to because she’s such a down-to-earth and relatable person. Her work covers a range of topics: mental health, body positivity, self love and positivity in general. She’s such a kind person and is always connecting with her audience on social media to help them accept themselves more. She recently started the movement “Heal Grow Glow” on Instagram celebrating different bodies from all around the world. Give it a follow—it’ll remind you to be a bit kinder to yourself each day.


And last, but by no means least, is Callie Thorpe. A blogger and model from a little town in Wales who is now taking London by storm, Callie has appeared in everything from Vogue to Grazia to Cosmo and is killing it. Her blog is one of the leading ones in the UK where she talks about fashion, food and traveling from the point of view of a sassy plus-size vina. Her Instagram photos are particularly inspiring and she regularly posts chats and videos to give her followers advice. She’s definitely one to watch.

We need to love every body, big or small, toned or not. All vinas are beautiful.

Find other inspiring vinas here!




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