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The truth behind getting an eyebrow tattoo.

As an Asian, my eyebrows weren’t that noticeable and ideal as I wanted (first world problems, right?). I grew up with light and thick eyebrows that would grow quickly—they were practically bushes. I thought it would be too expensive to get them professionally done all the time, so I did what I’m sure many of us did: went tweezer and scissor crazy. I admit I did both and that was a very BAD decision. Using razors is a big no-no unless you want intentionally bald eyebrows and because of my “efforts,” I always had to fill in my eyebrows before going out. So when my sister recommended getting an eyebrow tattoo, I gave it a chance.


One thing you should know, the waiting list is long. I had to wait around 1 to 1 ½ years for my long-awaited appointment! Luckily, my sister had a friend who worked at the parlor who gave me a discount. The price was £150 in total, with a £50 deposit.



When the day arrived, they placed cream on my eyebrows that was supposed to numb the eyebrows to prevent pain (spoiler alert: it didn’t!). The people were very nice, and the place was cozy, but chic. Not to mention there was free tea and coffee. Luckily, when I had to pick the color, I had the help of my sister and the person who did my eyebrows—without them, I wouldn’t have a clue! The eyebrow tattoo artist also measured my eyebrows and filled them to get the ideal shape. There was a template to show me what the outcome would be. Once I approved it, we started the procedure. Many people react to pain differently; for me, it was very painful. My eyes prickled with tears several times.


My eyebrows looked great. However, they warned me I couldn’t wash them for two weeks to ensure the ink wouldn’t wash out. This was extremely heartbreaking to hear. My skin around my eyebrows started to dry out and peel and became severely itchy. Those two weeks were a nightmare. You weren’t supposed to scratch them, but I admit I did on several occasions. However, the eyebrows were worth the agony. My advice is to not make any plans after you get your eyebrows done. Despite getting them done, I still had to use my eyebrow pencil to fill them out. They told me I could get a top up annually that cost around £50. However, I haven’t got the chance to as they are very busy.

Overall, my experience was great and I would recommend to any vinas to try it out!

Want to explore eyebrow tattoos? Find a vina to try it out with! 


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