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We are living for these people on the Gram.

Vinas, as you know, we are beings that crave visual stimulation. For many of us, the life we lead reflects our immediate environment. If there is chaos happening around us, there is chaos happening inside of us. If there is complacency surrounding us physically, there is complacency surrounding us mentally. Add to that this crazy society that constantly tells us we will never be good enough, and life gets as dry and brittle as my ends when I skip getting a trim. Yikes! I mean, in this social climate, how is anyone supposed to get their lives together?

Well….what if I told you inspiration is always at your fingertips? Literally! All you need to do is just open your Instagram. Instead of following accounts that preach to alter who you, follow accounts that help inspire you to unlock that badass that already exists within you.

Here’s a few accounts you need to hit the follow button on:

Just Livin’ Baby (@jstlbby)
With nails for days, Just Livin’ Baby is the best friend you never knew you needed. She is a genuine soul that praises imperfection and the room for growth in all of us. The advice she gives is so honest and universal; people from all walks of life can find wisdom in her words. On a day where you may be feeling like you don’t even want to get out of bed, one of her videos is sure to get you back to being the boss vina you know you are. With the flick of a wrist, Just Livin’ Baby encourages her followers to recognize their strength and limitless capacity for resilience like they never have before.

Amina Mucciolo (@StudioMucci)

Amina Mucciolo leads a life so colorful that even Grumpy Cat couldn’t resist smiling. This body positive, femme forward YouTuber brightens the rainiest day with her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life. Amina’s feed radiates with a celebration of self. She embraces every inch of her body, and every quirk of her personality. She inspires people everyday to be proud of who they are—regardless of how anyone else feels about it. Amina personifies the saying “only rainbows after rain.”


Baddie Winkle (@Baddiewinkle)

You’re never too old to be a bad bitch vina. At 89 years young, Baddie Winkle is slaying the girls look after look and post after post. When it comes to being bad and boujee, Baddie Winkle is the OG. You know the stigma that claims women lose their sexy after a certain age? She shuts that down real quick. Ms. Winkle will steal your man and your grandpa if you’re not careful. Baddie pays the haters dust, and they are sick! #UnbotheredQueen!

Britney Spears (@BritneySpears)

She is the one, the only, the iconic… Britney Spears! After facing much adversity in the past, it is nice to see Britney living her best life. From the cute posts about her man and kids to the electrifying dance videos that leave us wanting a ticket to her show, Britney proves time and time again that she remains carefree and happy. She got her groove back, and so can you. Our girl Britney still knows how to break it down. She is just as lovable as she has always been.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls (@amypoehlersmartgirls)

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is an organization tailored for eccentric vinas that aren’t afraid to flaunt their intellect. This type of vina isn’t necessarily the vina everyone wants to be– she’s the girl everyone should be, the girl that is true to herself no matter what the social norms call for. The Smart Girls account shares the stories of vinas around the world who are using their “authentic selves” to make the world a better place. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls makes sure to “emphasize intelligence and imagination over fitting in,” in the words of the organization itself. Smart Girls is informative, clever, humorous, and inviting. All vinas are welcome. All stories are inspiring.

Don’t forget to give Hey! VINA a follow over @vinazine! You can connect with more amazing vinas over there.

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