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Even bosses can be vinas once you get to know them!

So, you think your boss is cool and you want to get to know them outside of the office? While some bosses may be (respectively) stand-offish to the idea, if your boss reminds you of Jacqueline from The Bold Type (hello, the dream!) you can still keep it professional while developing a better relationship with him or her.

Here are a couple of tips:


The first tip I can give you, and this is very important, is to be comfortable with your boss. If you are not comfortable with your boss and feel like you can’t open up to them, they won’t be comfortable with you. But if they seem really cool and you want to befriend them, go on to tip number 2.



The second tip is start easy. Ask them where they are from, if they’re local or if they come from another city. Start there and branch out to conversations about your family and theirs. Later on, you can start talking about their hobbies and what they like to do outside of work. Side note: Don’t talk too much where it stops you from working. Keep a balance!


Most bosses appreciate loyalty. So let’s say your boss lets you in on some exciting, unknown info, such as your team will be working on an exciting new project. Instead of running to tell your colleagues (which you may be tempted to do), hold off and wait for your boss to announce it first. It’ll show her that you have her back and she can trust you. As you know, trust is a big component in building a friendship.

Most importantly, ask yourself why you want to be closer with your boss: Do you want career advice? Or a mentorship? Or do you just want to be closer to someone who you truly admire? Think about the reasons and make a plan to make it happen!

And if being friends with your boss isn’t your style—we got you. There’s tons of awesome vinas waiting for you here!


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