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What it means to love ourselves more.

You see it in the movies, hear it in music, and it’s blasted all over the media for our eyes to see. The theory is everywhere and seems to be forming quite a movement. It’s as if everyone insists that it is impossible to accept love before loving yourself, but why is that?

The thought that circles our minds from adolescents to full-grown adulthood:

If I don’t love myself, will nobody ever love me?

Why would anyone else love me if I can’t even do it? I probably don’t deserve love. My first option to resolve this mess would be to spare everyone around me and crawl into a hole; I’ll dig so deep into the ground that nobody will be able to find me. My second option, invent a time machine where I can go back and change whatever I did to make myself so unlovable. You might be thinking that I’m a bit dramatic, what can I say? I’m human.

But while on this journey of love and self-love, I’ve come to a conclusion.

You simply need to prioritize yourself. When you get frustrated and think you don’t deserve to be treated well, it’s still important to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

The only person you can truly depend on is you. Your significant other also needs to prioritize themselves, as does your coworker, your neighbor, and your mother. We get so caught up in the idea of love that sometimes we forget our own needs, dreams, and desires. It is important to communicate those things to others, especially if you are the type to get too caught up in your significant other’s world.

Humans can be a mix of selfless and selfish-beings. As long as you’re not set out to hurt people, being selfish can be healthy. Just like being there for others is healthy, but not going too overboard, leaving less room for you.

glassessThey say love is blinding; try to clear your vision by practicing self-love before devoting all of yourself to your partner.

Here are three simple self-love tips to add into your daily routine:

1.) Begin each day with breathing love in, and breathing love out. Remind yourself you are worthy of love and know YOU ARE LOVE.

2.) Be patient with yourself and your self-love journey. Remember that a relationship takes work. Trust in yourself and you will see results.

3.) End each day with an appreciation list. Write it down or say it out loud to yourself. Appreciate your talent, beauty and brilliance!

When you’re too stubborn to realize that you’re amazing, you start to throw away your boundaries. Eventually, you get stuck in a crowd of people who take advantage of your low self-esteem. You can lose yourself while giving your all to those around you who are only prioritizing themselves. Make people meet you halfway, don’t accept less.

Support yourselves and each other. It’s all just a part of your journey. Don’t forget that you are strong, independent vinas, who deserve the world! Don’t let anything stop you from your pursuit of happiness.

You are worthy of love. Spread your self-love care by clicking here.


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