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Housewarming gifts that your vinas will love and actually use.

We have all been in a situation where you are standing in a store looking at every and any possible item, hoping that somehow, the perfect gift will jump out and scream “pick me! pick me!”

I have recently bought a house and when I was asked what I wanted for gifts, I was dumbstruck. I had no idea what to say. So as I settled in, I started compiling a list. I quickly realized that the things we think people need are actually more what they want and not what they actually need.

I am a big believer in buying meaningful, but more importantly, useful gifts. So here is my list for the perfect housewarming gifts:

• An iron—which seem to go right in the middle of when you need it the most. (e.g. 10 minutes before you have to leave for work.) Add in a designed ironing board cover for some fun.

• Blankets. Fast forward to your vinas staying over in the dead of winter and you realize you don’t have enough blankets! If you are anything like me, buying extra blankets almost never happens. There are a bunch of Etsy shops who specialize in hand-knitted blankets, so have a custom-made blanket created for your vina’s special occasion!

• A tool box. Get your vina a Ladies’ Tool Kit, which is pink, trendy and s’cute for your domestic needs.

• Refrigerator Deodorizer. Leftovers and veggies can cause some odd odors in your refrigerator. Don’t fret, you just saved the day by rejuvenating the scents of your vina’s kitchen with this sweet gift!

• A good ol’ bottle of olive oil. We all have to learn to cook one way or another, so might as well make it tasty! Olive oil can make for a great salad topping, lemon olive oil cake or sautéing some chicken.

• Customized doormat. A warm and welcoming doormat is just what your vina needs to put a stamp on her new home!

• A kettle. Kettle’s break and then you have to make coffee with pot-boiled water or worse… microwave boiled water. YIKES! Tea kettles can bring such a homey-vibe to the kitchen while reminding you to cuddle up for a hot cut of tea and a good book to read.


• This next one took some serious thought…buuuuuuuut, if the new owners have pets (I know I’d love this), buying something for their pet would score you some serious brownie points! Create a dog basket full of homemade dog treats and add a cute little toy for your vina’s little love.

It’s best to first ask what your host may want, rather than just going out and getting something. But if they give you the famous “oh, I don’t really know” speech, you can fall back on this list. Unique gifts are always appreciated and sometimes even needed. Have fun shopping vinas!

Want to invite some new vinas to your housewarming party? Start swiping!



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