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The big screen vinas we love.

Grab your popcorn, vinas—we’re listing off the top movie characters that you can definitely identify with!

1. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Diana just wants to break free—whether that entails going off to fight in “man’s world” or challenging the ideals she’s known her whole life  Diana is the epitome of the Dixie Chicks song “Wide Open Spaces”, since she wants to venture forth with the knowledge given to her by her family. Diana is resourceful and most importantly, she wants to make a difference in the world. That paired with her stubborn nature and utter confidence surrounding her whole life is definitely a force to be reckoned with. If Diana is anyone with her strong demeanor and zeal for her craft she’s you. If you’re venturing out and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can relate to Diana.

2. The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo

The Bride, Uma Thurman’s most popular character, is the most badass version of yourself. This is the chick who does tequila shots right before the bar is about to close. The Bride is the chick you take with you on long road trips ’cause she’s adventurous and has legit game when it comes to Instagram. The Bride is self-discovery you, here to do all of the things that you never thought you could. She’s the inner voice inside, convincing you to go on that trip to Peru. She wants you to kiss the hottie at midnight and embrace the people that matter most to you.
 The Bride has courage to do anything—even the impossible—something all vinas can relate to.

3. Furiosa

She’s blunt. She’s badass. She’s Furiosa! Furiosa don’t take any crap from nobody and she’s not only an iconic woman, but an icon. Furiosa is the complete you, the one who’s discovered exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to handle it. She’s here to show you what you can be when you believe in your badass self and the awesome talents that you have!

8008134769_cd24f5cd8e_b.jpg4. Elle Woods

Elle Woods isn’t your run of the mill blonde stereotype. She’s determined, enthusiastic and ready for any challenge that might stand in her way—so if you need to relate to anybody it’s obviously, Woods comma Elle. We all can identify with Elle’s drive to prove her doubters wrong.

5. Veronica Sawyer

Sure, sure, sure, Veronica is a little murderous at times, but aren’t we all? Ha. I mean sure, she went on a quick teen murder spree with her boyfriend but don’t we all wish to have that kind of passion? Veronica is the evolved femme that we all aspire to be, same drive same je ne sais quois, same great taste in blue clothes minus the whole murder thing.

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