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Why I wished I had Glossier as a teen.

The vinas of this generation are flossy, bossy and living for the highlighted, glossy cheekbone trend. Which is why we cannot get the brand Glossier out of our minds.

Women-empowered Glossier has quickly become one of the most popular makeup and skincare brands. Yes, the company’s branding is iconic, and yes, the quality of their products is amazing, but there is something about this company that is revolutionary.

Glossier’s Get Ready with Me videos on YouTube embody the whimsy and simplicity of the company’s vision perfectly. ICYMI, the videos feature gorgeous women of all shapes and sizes that walk you through their daily morning routine.

What I love most about these short videos is that they’re realistic and relatable. These women have their regimens DOWN, and it’s not like they use every Glossier product on the market. But when they do use Boy Brow or Haloscope or Cloud Paint, you get to watch how easy and subtle these products are in highlighting their natural features.

Every woman has a completely different style and look, and that my vinas, is what true beauty is all about. Some wear little to no makeup while others like to do a full face. Ultimately, it’s clear in their videos that Glossier understands that makeup preferences are incredibly unique to you.

But let’s back up to the year 2010. Every 13-year-old girl, including myself, is (unbeknownst to them) preparing to embark on the tumultuous journey of self-discovery —a journey that is reminiscent of that of your sister, mother, grandmother, and future tweens to come. Now, in case you have forgotten what it’s like inside the head of a pubescent tween, let us return (devolve?) to that exciting, horrifying, and crazy time.

You have begun a new chapter of life. Middle school feels different, and the weight of it all can be sensed amongst your peers. However, it’s also an exciting time. Unsure of what is to come, you carry yourself with all the sureness you can muster. Yet now, your body, your emotions, and your relationships are changing constantly. Regardless of your academic or social success, there is a growing awareness that you don’t know yourself at all. And with that angst-inducing revelation comes an understanding that this is an opportunity to discover yourself, to recreate, to translate the you that embodies the rest of the world. But … you don’t know who you are! You’ve only been a conscious being on this Earth for barely a decade. So, like the angsty sponge that you are, you begin absorbing everything that you consume.

Unfortunately, this is when things get hard.

Tried and true throughout history, trends build and build to the point of consumer worship. Then as quickly as they came, they are forgotten, destined to join the graveyard where perms, frosted tips, and skinny brows reside. Maybe one day, generations from now, one will be resurrected. But… hopefully not.


Beauty standards when I was growing up (eight years ago) were relatively tame, given how ruthless pop culture has been. But when thigh gaps were thriving, straight hair was the only reality, and low rise skinny jeans were the tragic uniform, I was (like all 13-year-old girls) exceptionally susceptible to those expectations. Beauty ‘standards’ have always encouraged women to fit into a narrow and unforgiving box, encouraging us to alter our appearance to the point where we are almost unrecognizable to ourselves.

I am proud to say that today, 2018 is the Year of the Woman. There has been a beautiful wave of self-love and acceptance taking over popular culture.

Women are building themselves and each other up and natural curls, bushy brows, and real curves are dominating the beauty universe. Obviously, there is still MUCH to be done, but there is no doubt in my mind that Glossier has been at the forefront of this beauty revolution.

With high school still fresh in my mind, my girlfriends and I often find ourselves looking back at our fried hair and excessive under eyeliner in horror. But then we sigh in relief because young girls today, who are in the thick of just-trying-to-figure-it-out, are growing up with Glossier.

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