Why one vina isn't in a rush to do the deed.

The human mind instantly gets intrigued by the announcement of something shocking. I mean, for those who have answered this question, time and time again, you understand what I’m talking about. Yes. Virginity in 2018 is like mayonnaise on fries; unheard of. Why exactly is it such a huge eye opener in a conversation? Is it because society practically gives the green light to sex at any age? We all should drop our pants and have at it ’cause, “Everyone else has done it!”?

“What are you waiting for? That special someone? *inserts laughter*”

Well, is that so hard to believe? In my opinion, it’s OK to not have experience in the bedroom (or whatever location your first time takes place). For me, I’d rather be sexually attached to one partner than someone whose number is in the double digits.

I don’t want to throw shade here—that’s not my goal. But I do have a message to everyone: stop treating those who haven’t gotten their cherry popped like it’s the end of the world and you need to “save” them. And for those who have a disturbing attraction to virgins, I’m here to tell you, you’re going about it the wrong way!

To my fellow vinas who are waiting to do the deed—who are caterpillars not in a rush to become a butterfly—do not become discouraged or doubtful. It doesn’t matter how old you are; never settle for “whatever”.

For me, I’m holding out for my love story. I’m proud of my journey. And we all should be.

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