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Are big changes ahead for you and your vinas? Find out!

Long, light days and warm, balmy nights. Yep, it’s officially summertime, vinas.

And as a new month starts (happy July!), we’ve got your personalized summer friendship horoscope. Read on!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs
Happy Solar Return, dear Cancer! On July 22, the Sun will make its yearly move into your sign, which means this summer is your time to shine. The Sun in your sign and Jupiter in your fifth house of pleasure highlights that this is a time for fun! Perhaps your new vinas will bring a childlike spirit and playfulness back into your life. And why not? It’s time to laugh, smile and let your hair down. Why not invite your vinas over and get creative together? This summer should be all about trying new things and living boldly.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs3

On the 22nd of July, the Sun makes its annual return to your sign, and June has marked the last part of your 12-month solar return cycle. So, it’s likely that you’ll be in the process of tying a few things in preparation for the coming solar return year, which arrives around your birthday. Mercury is in your sign until late July, so you’re feeling more gregarious and chattier than usual. Make the most of this and use it as a time to get to know new vinas—whether it’s over long drinks on summer nights or a quick coffee shop chat. You’ll have your vinas spellbound with your words! With Mars in your opposite sign until mid-August, just be extra careful that you don’t say the wrong things and upset a few close friends. If you’re feeling especially annoyed by someone, find an outlet to expend the anger, such as going for a run.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs7

Venus makes its annual move into your sign on July 11 and will remain there until August 6, meaning that it’s a great time to show your friends a little love. As the sign of service to others, why not surprise your vinas with something thoughtful? Or offer a helping hand with a project or something you know has been weighing heavy on them? The favor will be returned, so you’ll be happy you offered. With Venus highlighting your 11th house of dreams and aspirations, friendships are easily made in groups, clubs or organizations, even through professional networking events. Make sure to get involved with everything that inspires you—there will be vinas who can offer fascinating perspectives and perhaps new opportunities you’d never imagined.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs10

Venus moves into your sign on August 7th, making you extra magnetic! This the perfect time to get together with your vinas who mean the most to you. As a Venus-ruled sign, you’ll want enjoy life’s luxuries together. Book yourselves a pampering massage session for two, indulge in delicious meal with your drink of choice. Or if you’ve both got a sweet tooth, how about a chocolate tasting session or chocolate making class? Indulgence is your friendship theme for the summer. Just make sure you’re focused on the finer things like food, drink and good company. You deserve it, vina!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs11

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is in your sign until this autumn, bringing you luck and an extra sparkle, which will ensure that you’re in the right place at the right time. Lucky you! Now is the perfect time to get to know your vinas and share some of your success and luck. The Sun is also highlighting your ninth house of travel, foreign lands and study, so perhaps it’s time to start learning something new. Shoot for the stars! New vinas can be made while pursuing a passion or hobby and we know how passionate you are, dear Scorpio. How about learning a new language? This could be a fantastic way to find some new vinas and ignite a passion for a new country and culture.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs9

For Sag vinas, the focus is on matters of the eighth house this summer. There may money issues to attend to or power and status to contend with at work. Or perhaps you’re looking to make new investments. Either way, you’re busy with communications, research and reading. Be sure to take a break when you need one though, since t’s important to recharge your batteries. Or perhaps you’ve had so much going on that you haven’t had a chance to plan a vacation yet. How about a long weekend away with your vinas? Late July and August are great times for you to get away. Enjoy!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs8

The Sun is now in your seventh house of relationships, nurturing and security. Is there a potential to form a partnership with your significant other? Or could you team up with a close vina to work on an exciting new venture? If your new enterprise will play on your strengths and bring out the best of your relationship, give it a go! New connections and vinas who you meet this summer are great for longevity. Mars is in your second house of material possessions, money and gains, so make the most of this time and your relationships. Your S.O. and vinas could be a reliable source of support in carving out your success. And with Saturn transiting Capricorn, your hard work will pay off, slowly but surely. Be sure to celebrate any successes, however small, with your loved ones. It’s the small victories that matter!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs6

Mars is in your sign until August 12, making July a wonderful time to kick start the things that you’ve had on your bucket list. Or perhaps you’re feeling re-energized about a hobby.  This summer is an exciting time to meet like-minded vinas with shared passions, especially philanthropic in nature. Why not volunteer for a local charity or plan some fun fundraising for your favorite non-profits. You may have a futuristic idea which has potential to develop, so bounce ideas around with your vinas and work on that plan! The emphasis is on finances too, so you’re likely to be very successful if looking to raise funds. And if you share the fun with your vinas, the sky is the limit!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs12

The Sun moves into your fifth house of creativity this month, staying until July 22 when the focus moves to work and health matters. So this summer is a wonderful time to get together with like-minded vinas and try something new. Children can be a major source of inspiration and fun at this time, if not your own, then perhaps your vina’s siblings, nephews and nieces. If you and your vinas have kids, how about a family day? Music, dance, and arts will all bring immense pleasure and enrichment. Around July 3 and 9, the transitioning Sun will create a grand water trine with Jupiter, which will make a harmonious aspect to your sign. It will be a content summer for you!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs5

The Sun is in your fourth house during July, moving into your fifth in late July and August. The emphasis during summertime is on your home and family. Spending precious time with family and loved ones may be most important to you at this time. Perhaps you’re going on a family vacation or you’ve been spending more time with your mom or cousins, but either way, time spent with family matters are well-needed. Fun with your vinas comes more into focus with the move into your fifth house at the end of July. This is when your time for creativity and fun starts. Venus moves into Libra on August 6, meaning there’s a focus on quality time with your significant other. If you’re single, there’s the possibility of a new relationship. Slay, vina, slay!


april friendship horoscope zodiacs4

Things may have started to feel a little bit unpredictable or unsettled with the move of Uranus into your sign for the first time since 1942, but you have to hold tight … it’s there until April 2026! With this visit being such a long one, it’s a good time to embrace any changes it brings, which promise excitement and better things for you. The focus in July is on third house matters, so you’ll be busy with communications, such as incoming messages, calls and emails. Perhaps you’re making plans with a sibling or vinas. If you’re looking to meet like-minded vinas, try your hand at writing, editing or even speaking publicly. You’re likely to attract people who want to get to know you better and share experiences, which will enrich your life in return.


april friendship horoscope zodiacs2

July’s focus is on second house matters, including your daily routines, values, job and work ethics, which makes sense because you’re looking to find more of a work/life balance. You’re also reassessing all that is of value to you. Vinas play a significant role in July, so be sure to share your thoughts with them and ask for their perspective—it might bring some new inspiration. Throughout July and August, Mars is in your ninth house, highlighting expansion of some kind (be this literal or metaphoric). You may also be traveling for work or pleasure. Look out for vinas who share your passions and interests. For most of the summer, Venus is in your fourth house of home and family. It’s time for a retreat and some pampering. How about a local yoga retreat or a spa visit with your vina? Or if money’s tight, a quiet night with your vina: vino, pizza and girl talk.

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