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Your dog will RUFF our ideas.

If you’re like my vinas and I, you adore your dogs. If we could take our dogs with us everywhere, I can guarantee that our dogs would never leave our sides. However, since that’s just not possible, I came up with the top five dog-friendly vina-dates to go on!  (Make sure to double check that pooches are allowed at your local spots before you plan the bark-tastic day, of course!).


A picnic in the park is one of the best dog-friendly activities. It’s simple and cheap: Just pack some tennis balls, water for the pups, wine for you and your vina, plus peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yes, the peanut butter is also for the dogs!


Who doesn’t enjoy feeling the sand between their toes … or paws? Enjoying a day on the beach with your vina just got so much better—because now you get to watch your dog enjoy the sand and water. Bonus vina points if you can teach your pups how to surf!



A farmer’s market is a great place to hang out with your dog and vina. Not only can you buy locally-sourced products, but markets are often packed with people and dogs. It’s a great way to enjoy the weather and for your dog to enjoy a different kind of walk!


Invite your vina and her pup to meet you at a local hiking trail. While you girls talk and catch up, the dogs can splash together in a stream. It’s a win-win because the dogs will be exhausted once the hike is complete! Vina date round two (BYOB dinner, anyone?) while the dogs sleep on the couch.


If you haven’t been to the dog park yet with your vina and her pup, what are you waiting for?! While the dogs are socializing, you and your vina can enjoy your own social time. A local splash pad is also a great alternative if pups are allowed to go in. Heads up: Some town pools have a “dog day” where dogs can enjoy the water before they close up the pool for the end of summer, so ask if your local pool offers something like that. If so, mark your calendar and invite your vina!

Also, if you want to try a restaurant or bar, many places that offer outdoor seating are dog-friendly. A great resource is, so check that out while you’re making your vina plans!

Join the dog owners community on the VINA app today and plan your next vina dog date!


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