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Cathie's words of advice on demanding a seat at the table and her no-excuse approach to success will inspire you.

Hey, vinas! VINAZINE editor Brittany here. I’m thrilled to introduce you to the ultimate #bosslady: Cathie Black, Hey! VINA’s new media advisor.

I first met Cathie in the Hearst cafeteria when I was intern at Seventeen back in 2008. At the time, Cathie was the president of Hearst Magazines and was signing her book, Basic Black: The Essential Guide for Getting Ahead at Work (and in Life). On my train ride back home to campus that night, I started reading—and didn’t stop. Cathie’s words of advice on demanding a seat at the table and her no-excuse approach to success struck a chord with me.

Ten years later, they still do.

That’s why I’m honored to talk with Cathie about the importance of VINA, female empowerment and more. Read on to get inspired!

BG: Hi Cathie! As we both know, Hey! VINA is all about building communities and helping each and every woman find her tribe. Why did that message resonate with you?

CB: I was immediately intrigued with the VINA concept, as we all know how important friends and also the fun of meeting new ones. And if you have relocated, where do you start if you are in a new city and miss your girlfriends? VINA is the answer!

BG: Exactly! As a long-time crusader for female empowerment, can you talk about why the movement is important to you?

CB: Female empowerment is critical to the belief in one’s self and ambition. We must realize and tap the brains, ambition and desire of women who too often do not get a seat “at the table.” And as we see today, there are 20,000+ women running for elected office all across this country because they know that unless women’s voices are heard, change will not happen fast enough. It’s very empowering and exciting.

BG: VINAZINE’s goal is to be the platform and voice of women from around the world. How will VINAZINE empower vinas?

CB: VINAZINE can be an inspiration, coach and mentor for the millennial generation as they move through life, including career aspirations, promotions, friendships and relationships. It can help them develop a “voice” and understand themselves better and help them define their dreams and opportunities. It can be a non- judgmental friend, very importantly.

If you want to hear more advice from Cathie, stay tuned to VINAZINE in the coming weeks. In the meantime, start building your own tribe on the VINA app today. 

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