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Exciting news: Brittany Galla, an amazing media industry leader, is our new Director of Content Strategy at VINA!


Exciting news: Brittany Galla, an amazing media industry leader, is our new Director of Content Strategy at VINA! On her first day, we sat down and chatted over coffee so I can share her journey to us over here at VINA. Our conversation confirmed to both of us how important VINA is to us as women today, especially since Brittany could never forget how lonely she was when she moved to a new state for a new job.

I can’t wait to see what she brings us all with her leadership at VINAZINE. OK … let’s get to it and learn more about the amazing Brittany!

OJ: Hey Brittany! I’m thrilled to have you take the reins of the VINAZINE. I know we originally connected through a mutual friend over at Cosmopolitan, but what attracted you to wanting to join us on the crazy startup journey at VINA?

BG: I’m so happy to be here! Isn’t it true that networking and friends are the number one influencer on our careers?! First, I love VINA’s mission of women’s empowerment, connecting people, and sisterhood. I have three older sisters, so I got lucky with having a built-in tribe, but when I moved to a new state for a job at 22 years old, I didn’t know anyone. I remember the first night in my empty, cold apartment, I ordered Chinese food and my fortune was: The road to success is often a lonely one. I thought to myself, “Does it really need to be that lonely?”

Luckily, I met some new friends at work and at the gym I joined, but looking back, I wish I had VINA then. It could’ve helped me get me through some really really hard times! I know that every woman can benefit from extending her circle.

OJ: I agree! Better and stronger together!! So, tell me, what big goals do you have for VINAZINE?

BG: I want VINAZINE to be the place that our global community of women on the VINA app can go to and feel “home.” I’m excited for it to build a strong voice, bring on really talented strong women writers and contributors, and overall be that uplifting, empowering place we all need. I also want VINAZINE to feel like you’re not just reading, but you’re truly part of a community of friends when you’re there — you have someone listening, you have that extra encouragement you need, and you have that friend on your side.

OJ: How did you get into writing in the first place? Take us through your career journey.

BG: I’ve always loved to write and wrote my first “book” when I was 4th grade (it still sits on my shelf!). In college, I majored in journalism and was obsessed with reporting for my school’s newspaper. I had a few internships at magazines in college, so when I graduated I scored my first job at a teen entertainment magazine. I also worked as an online editor at AOL and Us Weekly before I became editorial director at Bauer Publishing’s teen division, where I oversaw nine magazines. I’ve also written for Fit Pregnancy and Cosmopolitan. I was ready to try something new, so VINAZINE and I found each other at the perfect time!

OJ: Yes, we did! So tell us, what are three random facts about you?

BG: 1. I’m obsessed with gymnastics and L-I-V-E for the Olympics. 2. I’m really good at juggling. I taught myself in elementary school and it just stayed with me! 3. I was born on the cusp of Aquarius, so I consider myself to be a good mix of both Capricorn and Aquarius astrological signs. 

OJ: I love it! How can people contribute to the VINAZINE?

BG: I can’t wait to get working with the VINA Society our volunteer contributor network of more than 600 writers! If you’re interested, apply here.

Over the next few months, I’ll be introducing you to the rest of the VINA team as we grow. If you have a question for me, send it here for our Hey! Olivia June advice column. 🙂 

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