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Where's all my single ladies?

As a single vina, it can be frustrating to deal with coworkers pushing me on a blind date, or everyone and their grandma trying to set me up with someone they know. So when did being single become a curse? Frankly, I enjoy being single. Why?

Well, for all the single vinas, this list is for you:

1. I can turn my phone off and read a book without worrying about an unexpected call or text messages from my SO.

2. I can put my entire focus on my physical and mental well being instead of draining my energy trying to help someone achieve something when they might not even be ready.

3. I can make plans whenever I want without making a partner feel left out.

4. I can focus on making and preserving life long vinas. Hello, new vina dates!

5. I can have both sides of the bed all to myself.

6. I can kiss anyone I want.

7. I can translate my love and focus for a single person into the universe.

8. I can dedicate myself to helping those in need.

9. I can save up even more for that trip I always wanted to go for.


10. I can go around and experiment new things in the bedroom. Or even at the beach. Or at the backseat of a car. Parking lot. You name it.

11. I can jam on my guitar all day long.

12. I can play anything I want on the Aux cord.

13. I can keep my room aesthetically pleasing to look at without having a random green jumper hanging on the clothing hook. Or was that from Michael from last night? I should probably return it.

14. I can sing whenever I want. Gotta release that inner Ariana Grande!

15. I can try out multiple cafés for the best coffee without feeling broke.

16. I can eat pineapple on pizza if I wanted to. Topped with some whipped cream, baby.

17. I can pay for my own bills and embrace my independence.

18. I can workout whenever I want uninterruptedly.

19. I can wear whatever the hell I want.

20. I can make my own rules.

21. I can look angry on a daily basis if I want to. Don’t tell me to smile or pucker up. I’m not your princess.

Most importantly, I can write all of this unapologetically and publish it for the entire internet to read.

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