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Call your vinas STAT. We have plans for you!

What does every epic summer need? A bucket list. Whether you’ve known your vina for eight weeks or eight years, this bucket list is the perfect tool for quality time with your vinas—after all, your vinas are worth so much more than a “Netflix & Chill”! Here are a few awesome ways to spend your #VinaTimes (self-care + quality time = VinaTimes).

1) #VNO or #VNI

This is your ultimate girls night where you stay up together from sunset to sunrise. Don’t waste your time talking bout those that don’t matter, instead use this time to grow your bond with your vinas by spending quality time under the stars with your favorite person for this #VinasNightOut or #VinasNightIn!

2) #VinaVacation or #VinaStaycation

What better way to spend quality time with your vinas than to take a trip? Whether near or far, you’re bound to have fun while spending time with your vinas! For some budget-friendly getaway ideas, we’ve got you covered!

3) #VinaPhoto or #VinaVideo

All vinas like looking back on all the amazing times spent together, but sometimes we forget to stop and take a photo or video! Each time you and your vinas link up, try this fun bucket list idea! Same vinas, same pose… different location! Don’t forget to save your #VinaPhoto or #VinaVideo for you and your vinas in the future.

4) #VinaSnacks or #VinaApparel

Sign up for a monthly subscription box with your vina (you can split the cost so you both share the goods) and have an “unboxing day” where you go through and test out the items in the box together. This is a fun way to have different experiences while still staying within budget.


5) #TeamRoadtrip or #TeamNature

This summer, try to get outside—and yes, smell the roses, as much as possible. There’s nothing like finding a new hiking trail or enjoying a picnic with your vina on a beautiful, sunny day. Or fill your gas tank up and go exploring on a road trip! In between listening to your favorite Spotify playlist, you can take silly pics at landmarks or rest stops. The memories will last a lifetime.

No matter which bucket list hashtags you choose, you are sure to have fun journeys with your vinas! We cannot wait to see how you spend your #VinaTimes—so tag away.

Want more vinas to join you on your summer fun? Start swiping right!


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