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Come on, we know you want more matches!

When it comes to making friends, or vinas as we call them here at Hey! VINA, it’s a lot less about your looks, and more about your personality (hello, personality and interest quizzes on your profile!). But your photo is the first thing vinas see when they’re swiping through the app. Because of that, we don’t want you to get passed up by a potentially great vina just because of a semi-bad photo.

First things first, remember that your photo is your first impression to other vinas who you’re hoping to match with, so keep that in mind when selecting your photo. For that reason, you don’t want it to be blurry, dark, or too small. Vinas want to put a face to your name, so make sure you get a great shot of your face. Plus, you want your photo to represent you. You should want your photo to show your personality, and it should showcase you in the best light. Speaking of…


We’ve already mastered the perfect selfie, so we know that lighting is everything. Take a great photo of yourself outside or with plenty of lighting to showcase your beautiful smile. We want to see your face. I know that I have passed on vinas because I couldn’t see their photo very well. Personally, I feel like photos really do say a thousand words. A dark and blurry photo says a whole lot less.



Not everyone will take the time to read your profile. So make sure your photo is you in a nutshell. Be silly, goofy, use a Snapchat filter, etc. Have fun with it. If you’re someone who loves being outdoors, then post a photo of you outdoors hiking, camping, biking, etc. We really want to see who you are!


If you’re into something really awesome, let us see it. Wear your fave My Little Pony shirt, Harry Potter scarf, the earrings you made yourself, or flash the universal hand signal to live long and prosper. Let your photo be unique and show us your best side. We all just want to find our tribe, so let’s make it easier to find our fellow tribe members.

So what are you waiting for?! Get to it! Find your selfie-light (you know you have one) or get outside and take that perfect pic for your VINA profile.

And if you don’t have Hey! VINA, download it now and start swiping!

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