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It might time for a second chance.

Ever catch yourself thinking about the one that got away? BTW I’m not talking about that romantic fling from a few years ago — no, I’m talking about that one friend that you used to do everything with and just haven’t seen in forever. I’ve talked to many women about friendships that fizzle out, or friendships that end dramatically, and I’ve found it’s pretty rare that you get full closure from a breakup with a friend. I started to wonder why that is.

It really depends on the situation right? And there are so so many different instances where you and a bestie might “break up.”

Take my sister, for instance, she and her best friend from high school stopped talking because the friend was dating a guy that was super possessive and unsupportive of her friendships.

I have another friend who stopped talking to one of her close friends who just started self-destructing in multiple ways, and my friend didn’t know how to help. She also didn’t want to enable the behavior so she walked away from the relationship.

And I have actually let a couple friendships just slowly wither away because we went to different colleges and our lives seem so different from one another’s after a certain amount of time.

Basically, there’s lots of reasons why friendships end, but I’m here to tell you that you really only need one reason to rekindle that friendship. You miss them! Seriously! Reconnecting with a friend doesn’t have to come with any obligations or pressure. It’s literally as simple as the fact that you miss them and want to reach out. But of course it can become complicated if you go into it without thinking a little bit ahead.


If you’re like me and you simply just drifted away from a particular friendship, it’s literally as easy as sliding into that DM! Message your old friend, tell her you love her new hair color, or ask her how her recent vacation was! And just put it out there that you’d love to catch up! It’s more than likely that she misses you too, and you’ll be shocked at how easily you’ll end up talking for hours.

Of course, if you ended on more serious terms you’ll want think about it a little more thoroughly. I personally feel that if you miss this person, you certainly should catch up with them whether or not the personal situation has changed. It’s tough, but since time has passed, it’s more likely you can both sit down and have an honest conversation. Express why you left that friendship behind, but how it means so much to you even after all this time. Even if you don’t go back to being as close as before, at least you will have said your piece!

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  1. Hello dear. Thank you for your all and good information about that.
    Really looking for the best friendship because I like that forever. But I will tell you in now I am very for from you. I am in Afghanistan and I will try to come to into United state. So I will try to find that.
    Thank you

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