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How to get a bikini body! Step one: put on a bikini. Done.

So, summer is here. And chances are if you’re anything like me you haven’t yet started working on that bikini bod; every Monday morning before getting out of bed (late) you say to yourself: “this is the week.” OK, that’s great of us. But I’m going to be in a swimsuit real soon and I don’t want to spend these early weeks of summer shaming myself for all those burritos; or that soy mint chip ice cream; or the fact that sometimes when I go to Pilates, I just lay there like a limp noodle.

So I started reading, asking and practicing some new ways to feel more positive about the body I am in today. Not the one I want, or the one that might fit into those old jeans if I do a couple juice cleanses. This body, the one I am inhabiting right now. And after much research and deliberation I’ve spelled out the top five ways we can become more body positive, together.


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Often times we feel better about our bodies if we are actively taking care of them. To do right by ourselves and feel good without feeling over whelmed, right when you wake up in the morning drink a full glass of water with lemon and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It will help decrease bloating and heal you from within. And all throughout the day, make sure to incorporate as much water as possible. Our bodies need seemingly excessive amounts of H2O while we are playing in the sun. Any time you find yourself grabbing a cold beverage, try and opt for water instead. You’re already off to a healthier you.


Try tuning out of social media for a little while. A day. A week. Whatever you can manage. If you’re wanting to feel better about yourself, then you must stop comparing your body to the bodies of all the cursed Insta models. Trust me, even those girls have their share of insecurity, you’ll feel better once you stop obsessing and comparing.


This I know, is easier said than done. But just do it. Even if you don’t believe it start by talking to yourself in the mirror and say, “you are beautiful and alive and damnit that’s incredible. We are living in this body today and we are going to enjoy it.” Say this every day, or some variation of this. Your brain will listen and your attitude will respond. Carve those positive neurological pathways so deep that you can’t help but feel good.


Eat something healthy and nourishing and something that you want. It’s called intuitive eating. Often times we are so restrictive with our diets that we end up doing more harm than good. A healthy in-between will leave you happier and healthier. Stop counting calories for once, put down the sleeve of girl scout cookies, and search for some balance. And remember than calories equal energy, so if you want to continue having fun in the sun, eat more than just a granola bar.


This one I totally made up. This is something like #1 but will help with #3 as well; and will help to begin carving new, more positive neurological pathways. I started doing this because I could not stop talking about my ex-boyfriend. Whenever I said his name (or even thought it) I had to stop what I was doing and do twenty squats. My ass looked amazing and I stopped talking about him. So, every time you feel sad or negative about your body or you find yourself comparing or anything, stop and do twenty squats (or fewer if you’re physically incapable of twenty to start). Not only are you getting a better booty but you’re training your mind to think less negatively.


Everyone is prettier and feels better when they put a smile on their face. It send positive vibes straight to your brain, through your whole beautiful bikini bod, and out unto the world.

Positive body image is a life pursuit, don’t get down on yourself if there aren’t rainbows flying out of your armpits every time you put on a bikini. However, do try and make these steps toward having a healthier understanding of who your body is and who she wants to be; make peace with that.

We are always looking for more tips on how we can love ourselves (and each other), so please share below any tips you have on simple things we can start today to feel better about these bodies we live in. And download the Hey! VINA app to find other bikini ready gals in your neighborhood.

(Feature image via @aerie)

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