Friendship Advice Gift Guide


The first step is being able to admit that you're at fault.

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. It’s human. Unfortunately, we sometimes hurt our vinas by the things we say or do. The first step is being able to admit that you’re at fault. Once you and your vina overcome a problem, your friendship becomes even stronger.

Here are 5 ways to say sorry:


Everything gets better with chocolate. May it be some sprinkles on a cake or a dessert after a delicious meal. Pick up some heart melting chocolate that you know your vina will enjoy. Leave it on her desk or mail it to her with a note saying that things will be better from now on.


Everyone has a weak spot. For some people it’s their favorite sweets. For others, it might be a concert or an event they really want to go to. It might seem like an attempt to bribe them back to your friendship, but is it bribing when you’re asking for forgiveness? Find that something you know your vina can’t say no to. It might lead to talking about it in person and as a result, you can work things out from there.


This one you might only be able to do when you live together or have access to her place. So if you do, put your vina’s favorite shoes out for her and leave a note that you will take her out for a brunch or a movie. You probably know best where to take them 😉


Are you not just in the doghouse, but in a worse place because you messed up badly and your vina won’t talk to you? Write her a letter. Be honest and tell her why you did what you did and why you now know that it was wrong. Tell her how sorry you are for how you made her feel and that you didn’t want to hurt her.

toa-heftiba-616800-unsplash.jpgIn the letter, list all the things that you did wrong and write a few words next to each of them that you’ll do to make up for it. Let her know that you respect when she needs time but that you would love to meet in person to talk things out.

Better late than never

It’s never too late to say sorry when you say it with Justin Bieber. Send your vina a very special handwritten sorry card to her office or home.

No matter how you choose to apologize, it’s important that you do! And most of all, make sure to be sincere.

Want to talk to a new vina about it? Start swiping here!


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