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It can be hard to sum up all your awesomeness in 500 characters, but these examples will show you how!

With the plethora of social media bios we have to write for ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something personal and original on the spot. Plus, it completely depends on the type of platform you’re writing for! Your LinkedIn summary is going to be totally different than your Instagram bio.

On Hey! VINA, the most important thing is firstly just saying SOMETHING. But more importantly, highlighting your unique personality, interests, and activities you like to do! But even if you’re the most self-aware person in the world, summing yourself up in 500 characters can be hard. So, we got you, girl.

Here are 4 examples of ah-mazing Hey! VINA profiles and why we like them:


Our girl Ashley’s bio is awesome because she’s going through something SO many of us have to deal with – moving to a new place and not knowing anyone! She tells us who she wants to meet and why. And throws in a few topics that she likes talking about and something easy to meet up and do — drink gin. Nice one, Ashley. Also, noting some likes and dislikes gives some good flair!



Vanessa here has done an amazing job at inserting some much-needed flair to her bio. She’s clear about when she’s available to hangout, which makes meeting up a lot easier. She also shares interests that tell us about her personality and things that we could meet up to do… like eat chocolate and drink bubble tea. We can tell immediately that she’s a pink-loving, magical, bubbly gal, just from the use of a few emojis. Be creative, and you’ll attract other creative geniuses like you!


We love how authentic Fahreen is in her bio. It’s so easy to feel pressure to seem perfect, but you’re going to find a lot better connections if you’re true to yourself. She shares the places she’s lived, her relationship status, her sign, pets, and the topics she loves to geek out about. It makes it so easy to immediately jump into conversation and find even more things we could have in common. Also you can quickly tell if Fahreen is your kind of vina or not. We’d swipe right! 🙂



Summer’s bio is great because she really focuses on her lifestyle commonalities that are essential for friendship. She gives good ideas for what she’d like to meet up to do, and what she’s totally not game for. She knows that living the sober life might be something that potential friends might need to know. It’ll help her find other Sober Sisters in her area who would also prefer a coffee to a beer.

At the end of the day, crafting the perfect bio is just about expressing yourself. If you’re really having writers block, here’s a formula to get ya started:

  1. One sentence about a few of your favorite things to eat/do/watch/listen to. Ex: “I’m a dog-loving, ice cream eating, shopaholic. A shameless blaster of 90s pop on my car stereo, and I can’t get enough of GOT.”
  2. One sentence about where you live and how long you’ve been there. If you’ve recently moved, or have a previous town that is meaningful for you, throw that in here. Ex. “I’ve lived in SOMA for 2 years, and previously from LA, with stints in North Carolina (Go Tar Heels!) and Sydney.”
  3. One sentence about what you’d like to meet up to do and when. Ex. “Let’s meet up and try a new wine bar, take a hike, talk hockey, or see a comedy show on the weekend.”

We know that writing about yourself can feel agonizing, but you are interesting and amazing and fun to be around! We know it, now tell the world!

We hope these examples give you some guidance in crafting your own Hey! VINA bio. Still scratching your head? Tweet us a screenshot and we’ll try to help!















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