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Happy National Best Friends Day! Today, we're reminded of how important a BFF is. Here are some special traditions that you and your bestie can start together!

Happy National Best Friends Day! Today, we’re reminded of how important a BFF is. Here are some special traditions that you and your bestie can start together!

It was one of my close friend’s birthdays recently, and I decided to write her a heartfelt love letter, just reminding her how much she means to me. I was telling her how good it felt to write a letter, and apparently she writes letters to her friends too! It got me thinking about all of the adorable things we do with our vinas. So, I’ve collected a few ideas from friends that you all can try out for yourselves! You’re bound to fall in love with one of these friendship traditions.


Every year, when your BFF gets one year older, write out a list of what you love about them. However old they’re turning is how many compliments you write. It’s also just as sweet if you just tell them twenty-seven compliments to their face!


On the first day of each season, give your vina a little trinket or gift that’s related to that season. For example, when winter arrives give them a cozy beanie you made, or come spring, send flowers to their work!


Okay, this idea didn’t exactly come from personal friends—actually, no—Donna and Tom are totally my BFFs. For those of you who don’t watch Parks and Rec: one, what are you even doing with your life? And two, watch the Treat Yo’self episode, and this will soon become a tradition for you and your BFF!giphy (20).gif


Remember the days you weren’t old enough for wine, or mani/pedis? The days when you ate microwaved snacks and soda and painted each other’s nails? This may come as a surprise, but revisiting those days can be really fun! Pick a day out of the month that works for you and your vina, make DIY face masks, paint each other’s nails, and turn on Mean Girls, or Save the Last Dance, or whatever movie you were obsessed with back in the day.

And there you have it vinas! Those are just a few cute ideas you can try out, and I’m sure there are more just waiting to be uncovered.

Already have a fun tradition between you and your BFF? Tell us about it in the comments! And don’t forget to expand your tribe here.

(Featured image via Soy Actitud)

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