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Show your vina some love with some snail mail!

When was the last time you received a heartfelt letter from someone? Honestly, I never had someone write me a letter—like full on letter until I left my last job. I had made a few wonderful life-long friends there, and leaving was ruh-diculously hard. But on my last day, a close friend handed me an envelope and just told me to read it when I got home. Like I said, I’d never really gotten a full on letter before, so I just decided to read it in my car— and cue the water works. Seriously, I cried like I was moving away and would never see this person again, even though I actually hung out with her a couple days ago!54a78add788db_-_crying

It was just something else entirely to have someone write out how much you mean to them. Yes, it’s wonderful to talk on the phone and hang out and constantly remind your friends how much you love them—but there’s something special about a letter. Honestly, when I’m feeling like I’m failing at life completely, I’ll read that letter and instantly feel better knowing how much someone believes in me. After receiving that letter I decided to pay it forward and write another good friend of mine a letter because she moved to another state last year.


I knew what I wanted to say but I didn’t know how good it would feel just letting it all flow out. Yes, I’ve always enjoyed writing, but there’s something especially liberating about telling someone you care about just how much you care about them. I was totally honest and vulnerable in explaining to my friend why she inspires me and why I’m so grateful for her friendship.

LETTERS.jpgYou know, there are plenty of reasons to write letters to people, but all I know is that it feels really good! Whether you receive a handwritten letter or give one, it just makes you feel strangely closer to the person whom you’re writing to, and it’ll make you feel closer to yourself.

My friend ended up calling me while I was at work, when she received her letter. She went into this whole thing about how she was feeling so crappy at work and my handwriting is precious and how she’s going to keep the letter forever and she misses me so so much, etc. And yes, she was crying—honestly, it may not be the letters, we may just be an emotional group! #allthefeels

Received any great love letter from your vinas? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. As a teen in the 90s it was the form of communication in school. There were no phones for texts, posts or tweets. And, sometimes, you just couldn’t wait till after school for the hour long phone calls. So it was all about notes and letters. I still have them! And, am still friends with the same group of girls…twenty years later. Great post!


  2. Sometimes as adults we lose some of the greatest qualities we had a children/teens. When I was a teenager my evenings were spent writing letters for my friends to read at school. We used to see each other in the morning and swap letters and read them under the desk in class! I kept a lot of those letters.

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