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Learn the tricks of the trade for avoiding fake Instagram giveaways and entering the real ones!

Throw up the glitter, vinas, because we’re talking giveaways today! Nowadays, there are tons of giveaways and contests happening on social media. Brands large and small are taking advantage of the power of Instagram to connect with their followers and give away some pretty awesome prizes online.

Before you hop on the next giveaway train, here are three ways to tell if an Instagram giveaway is a fake:


Instagram is a wonderful visual platform, but it can be flooded with fake accounts and brands. The number one thing to look for before entering a Instagram contest is if the account sponsoring the giveaway is actually real. It helps if the account hosting the giveaway is a business, brand or influencer that you can trust. Verified accounts generally have that blue check-mark symbol, which lets you know that is confirmed by Instagram to be official. Non-verified but credible accounts are out there, though. Here are some characteristics of a credible account that is not a fake:

  • They only have a handful of followers.
  • There’s a blank or non-creditable bio link.
  • There’s no profile picture.
  • There is a lack of posts prior to the giveaway promotion.


Check out this giveaway from @ilikevina & @elleboxco


Not only are they required by Instagram, Rules & Terms make a giveaway safe and fair for everyone involved. A legit Instagram giveaway will always have entry rules and guidelines for contestants to follow in order to qualify for the prize. It should also include the details about what the prize is and how to redeem it if you’re the lucky winner.


A legit giveaway will only ask for minimal info before you can claim your new prize. It’s not a good idea to release your personal information until you have been confirmed and announced as the winner. At the very least, you may be asked for your name and shipping address, if the giveaway features physical products. If you’re asked by a content host to pay for your prize or share your banking info, run in the other direction, fast!

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(Featured Image via Pineapple Supply Co.)


  1. I was contacted by a guy who said he was a samsung official an that i had won 850,000 dollars an a new cell phone in order to receive the money and phone i had to purchase 5 100 dollar itune cards send to him an the money would be delivered to my door
    850,000 dollars bullshit!!!!!


  2. Someone i follow that is a fan of a celebraty said that i am a winner of an iphone x.all i had to do was pick the colour the capacity and my name and adress.idk if its a spam or not please help


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