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Beat the heat!It’s hot as hell and we’re sweating our tits off, how the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are we going to stay cool this summer?!

It’s hot as hell and we’re sweating our tits off, how the H-E-double-hockey-sticks are we going to stay cool this summer?!

During the summer months I have on record 2-3 major meltdowns, that I believe are heat induced. Never mind the fact that I have daily fits about overheating, and every time I get in the car I make a million begrudging noises, and that my boyfriend is literally afraid of me if the temp spikes above 90 degrees. Never mind all of that. What this has taught me are a few little tricks on how to cool down in these summer months and beat that insane heat.

1. Make a playlist, pick up your vina, pack an icy cooler and go for a long drive with the windows down.

2. Find your local community pool and do your best Wendy Peffercorn and post up for the afternoon.

3. Go to a mattinee, go to two, sneak in snacks and if you’re like me a few cold beers too.

4. Have a kiddie pool party. Go to Target and buy a few kiddie pools, fill them up with hose water, invite your vinas over and get those blended margys rolling.

5. Find out which of your friends has AC, offer to make dinner for her if you can come lounge in her air conditioned glory


6. Dial up a vina and go rugged, find your nearest lake, watering hole, or river and get jumping.

7. July 11th is free slushie day at 7-11. Get someeeee!

8. Drink frosé.

9. Float, in the lake, down the river, at the country club. Buy a floaty at the nearest drug store and get to it!

10. Make popsicles together. Eat said popsicles while binge watching Water World with Kevin Costner.

11. Channel your inner 90’s teen and get your mall rat on, wander the cornucopia of consumerism at your nearest indoor mall.

12. Take a long lunch (at an air conditioned spot).

13. Rent a paddle boat or board or some other watercraft, the breeze is so much better on the water.

14. Sneak into a nice hotel and lounge by their pool all day, stay under the radar by ordering iced tea.

15. Go to your nearest large liquor store and stand in their walk in beer cooler until they ask you to leave.

The heat is here to stay, at least for now. And it’s better to suffer together. So, be sure to enjoy all above activities with a friend by your side to reach optimal cool down and good vibes during these summer months. Get creative, and when you do, come back and tell us how you beat the heat!


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