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tumblr_o3q27qz4k91rxxaego1_1280We have a tendency to surround ourselves with other versions of ourself. It’s natural, and it’s easy. And I mean this in the best of ways–because you’re awesome, so why not? You work in the industry, your friends are in the industry. You’re a night owl, so is your bestie. Keeping a close knit group of people who share the same playing field is a given. But, I’d like to wager another option: seek out someone who is entirely different than you.

The good news is Hey! VINA is here to help make this a reality– a world of new friends awaits at your fingertips. Of course, there are other ways to find new friends by mixing it up a bit: frequent a new part of town, shop somewhere you normally wouldn’t, change your hours, change your route home. Just by adding new elements to the equation you increase your chances of meeting someone outside your regular repertoire. Or make it easy with using the app, your call. 🙂 

There are a million reasons meeting someone that you wouldn’t typically connect with will feel like the best idea you’ve had all week. Here are a few that are top of mind for me…


We spend so much of our life living inside the creation of our self, something constructed over our years and experiences, a conglomeration of ideologies. But sometimes it takes another person to come along and stretch that comfort zone into new territory. You may discover an entire new point of view you’ve yet to consider… and you may like it!


In getting to know this other person, in the process of expanding your borders, you just might come across a whole list of things you never even knew you liked. Maybe you love Ethiopian food, reggae music, and French noir films. Just because you haven’t tried and they haven’t been a part of your life yet, doesn’t mean they can’t be soon.


Taking on a  friendship with someone who is your opposite will force you to challenge your own identity while increasing your compassion and understanding of others. It will help you think, conversate, and revalue the things you have so often kept close.

Plus, on top of all this, it’s fun. People are fun. You’re amazing. And you should share that with someone new. And, it’s basically science— everyone knows opposites attract.


  1. I think I have done this wrong. At this time I am waiting for the android app. But I signed up for email notifications, but haven’t received any as of yet. Did I do it wrong? And how soon for the android app?
    Thank you again, Colleen Clark


    1. Hey Colleen! We are still working on our android app and don’t have a timeline for it yet. We’ll be sending out an email when we have more information for android users! Thanks for your patience!


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