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Sit, stay, be a good vina...

I have to confess, my favorite feature on Hey! VINA is filtering for the Dog Mom Community and meeting up for doggie play dates. It’s a win-win, my pup gets a friend and so do I!  only can you use Hey! VINA to meet new friends, but your dogs can find friends too! But just like a normal meet up, there are rules to having having a great doggie-date so we all feel safe and comfortable and we can keep focused on the fun parts. Here are some of most important best doggie-date etiquette tips to be sure you have an awesome time with your vinas and your furry friends.

#1 Always pack some baggies to clean up after your dog! 

This should be a given anytime you take your dog anywhere.  Nobody wants to clean up after you or dodge landmines on their afternoon walk.  Pack some extra baggies in purse or just even in your pocket so you can pick up any accidents that happen while on your doggie-date.

# 2 Make sure you ask permission before sharing anything with someone else’s dog. 

Most of the time we don’t think about puppy diets but there are dogs that might have restrictions and allergies.  Or their owners (like myself) might have their own personal preference on what they like to let their dogs have.  Bringing along treats is a great way to motivate the dogs for being good or reward them for having a good time, but always ask someone else’s owner before you start handing them out.

# 3 Try and plan around a 100% pet friendly place. 

Do your research before meeting up for a play date by finding some local parks or beaches that your pups can run around and play at and plan your day around those locations.  While pet friendly bars and restaurants are awesome, this date is about them.  Let them be dogs!

#4 Don’t let your dog be the party ruiner. 

If your dog likes to rough house, that does not mean that all other dogs do too! Some dogs might get defensive or scared by another dog that could come off as aggressive, even if that’s just the way that they normally play.  Make sure to keep an eye on your pup so that all the play is nice and they aren’t doing anything to “bother” the other dogs that might be around.

#5 Have fun!

Okay, I know how cheesy that sounds, but I mean it! Doggie-date time isn’t just about letting your other half bond with dogs like him or her, but it’s about bonding time with you as well. Let them explore and have a good time and your four legged bestie will be as happy as ever.

So hooray, not only can you use VINA to meet new friends, but your dogs can find friends too!  Now it’s time for all of you dog moms out there to plan your doggie-dates with these new etiquette tips.

What’s your favorite part of puppy play dates? Let us know in the comments below!



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