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Valentine’s Day is coming up! But more importantly,


And what better way to prepare for Galentine’s Day than the Leslie Knope way! For all the Parks & Rec fans out there, we’ve written up this list for you in a way that will be impossible to forget

While you’re planning your big day for your gal pals, just remember: PAWNEE.


Just like Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day is nothing without personalized gifts.

200-2Now, this doesn’t have to be extravagant, but think about writing personalized letters or cards to your friends, DIYing some presents that you know everyone will love, or making special treats for your special ladies.

Personalizing all of this just means taking note of all your friends’ interests, personalities, and accomplishments. For example, if one of your friends just got a promotion, make them a personalized certificate; if someone just had a baby, print out personal coupons for your babysitting services; etc.


The Leslie Knope way is the organized way. While you’re planning your Galentine’s Day celebration, consider utilizing the following supplies: binders, color-coded stickers, highlighters, professionally printed banners, etc.

200-4Okay, just kidding.

You don’t need all that stuff, but you should be organized in your planning. If you’re making reservations, make sure you do that at least a week in advance; if you’re having the party at home, make sure you have enough food for your guests. Prepare for extra guests, too little guests, weather emergencies, health emergencies, etc.

Leslie Knope is always prepared, and you should be too.


Leslie Knope loved two things that start with a letter “W” very dearly: Women and Waffles. However, for the purposes of Galentine’s Day, women always come first.

200-3Remember that Galentine’s Day is meant to celebrate the women in your life, and at least for the day, they come first no matter what. This means that you should take care to make sure no woman at the table feels left out; that everyone should feel valued; and that everyone should strive to support their fellow sisters.


Remember that story Leslie’s mom tells every year during Galentine’s Day? It was full of romance, desire, and excitement, and it had everyone on the edges of their seat.

Make sure your Galentine’s Day celebration is filled with different stories and exciting conversations among your gal pals. If you think you might need some assistance in this, maybe have a list of conversation starters or ice breakers on the table. Play games like “Never Have I Ever” or “Two Truths and a Lie” to get people to start talking!


200-5This may go without saying, but Galentine’s Day is a day about the love and admiration that exists among friends and sisters.

Maybe plan on having everyone go around the table and talk about what they love about each other, start a compliment chain, and focus the group’s energy on positivity.


While you’re planning your amazing Galentine’s Day for your friends, remember to take breaks, ease up on your expectations or stress, and remember that this event you’re planning is not work—you’re supposed to enjoy yourself too.

So, after all the gifts have been given, stories told, and praise given, take the break you so rightfully deserve with two of Leslie Knope’s favorite things: friendship and waffles.



(Featured image by Brit + Co)

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