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Try following some of these simple steps to make your photos as magical as the season!

There is nothing better to cure the winter blues then getting dolled up with your vinas and making some gorgeous memories. I’ve been an amateur photographer for years and have coordinated several photoshoots. Through trial and error I have managed to learn what helps make the shoot easier and more exciting. So, if it’s your first time putting together a photoshoot or you just want to take your photos to the next level, try following some of these simple steps to make your photos as magical as the season!


There is certainly nothing wrong with just using a cell phone and cheap tripod (two books can even be propped into an L shape to rest your phone against) but we all know the clearest and highest quality photos are taken on digital cameras. If you don’t have one, hopefully one of your friends will. Should you need a tripod, ask if the group wouldn’t mind pitching in to get one. It allows you to step back and go from selfie to photograph.


It can be hard to coordinate plans with everyone in a short amount of time. For example, maybe you have to plan this shoot when everyone’s home from college or visiting home for the holidays. You won’t have a ton of time to think of what background is best when you’re all together. Instead try figuring where to go before hand. Whenever I plan a shoot, I start exploring localities to see what will look best. Take a drive, look around the city, see what works and what won’t so when everyone’s together, it’s just get up and go.


Most of us put a lot of effort into the way we look because it ultimately helps us feel better on the inside. With that being said though, it is winter. If you want to ditch the coat for a couple photos, I understand, but don’t get sick because your outfit under the coat was so cute you couldn’t cover it up. Try putting a killer ensemble together around your winter coat. Scarves, boots, gloves and flawless hair and makeup can do wonders even if we can’t see your new sweater.

Extra pro tip: Create a color story. Choose a color palette for your outfits, so you’re not matching but you look like you go together.


Whoever has the photos, be sure that before posting them you give a midnight preview to your mates. It sucks when someone posts a picture of you and you immediately have to untag it because you think it’s horrifying. You and your friends should look through and make sure everyone is on board with them before posting. It’s just considerate and is usually quite fun looking back and seeing the results of your efforts.


It’s not always possible, but if the first one is a success, make it into a tradition! Try it in different seasons, or every couple of years to showcase your solid friendship. Maybe down the road incorporate S/O, children or even pets into it. Bottom line is, its a great way to make beautiful and often hilarious memories while catching up with some of the people who mean the most to you.

So there ya have it! Post your photos on instagram and tag us @ilikevina or #heyvina



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