Holidays Thrive Wellness


A million and one things can keep us from being where we really want to be during the holiday season, so how do we "muddle through"?

There’s a reason so many songs revolve around going home for the holidays. For most of us, as we grow, holidays at home become less about the gifts and food and more about the quality time we get with our friends and family. During the year we long for those moments when we can be slightly oblivious to what’s going on in the world, and just enjoy our own little carved out space in life.

As we grow up though, another sense of reality sets in, and that is you can’t always be Home for the Holidays, and frankly, it sucks. Sometimes we can’t get time off from work, travel plans fall through or don’t happen because – lets face it – its expensive AF to fly, or too time consuming to drive. A million and one things can keep us from being where we really want to be during the holiday season, so how do we “muddle through”?

  1. Do your best not to stress over it – I know, I know, much easier said then done, but if it just isn’t going to happen this year, it isn’t going to happen and worrying about it can ultimately ruin the holiday altogether.
  2. Take part in your usual holiday rituals – making a family recipe, decorating the tree while blasting holiday tunes, watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story, or all of the above. Whatever holiday you celebrate, chances are there is something that is unique to you and your family and you look forward to it every year. While it will be different from the way you’re used to doing it, in the end it will help to bring a little bit of the magic from home to you.
  3. Make your own tradition – Just as important as keeping the old ways alive and well, perhaps you are unable to get home because you have started a family of your own and now isn’t the time to travel. So try bringing a new tradition into your family. Do something you haven’t done before like volunteering your time with those who are less fortunate, trying your hand at a new recipe ( there are a million out there that all look amazing) or taking a trip to a tree farm and picking out your own fresh tree. Perhaps next year going home will be in the cards and you can share your new endeavor with your loved ones.
  4. Call or Facetime –  I think a lot of people forget how convenient these features are. Stop the texting back and forth and just give someone a FaceTime call. It will put you right there in the heart of things so you can see what’s going on. If you have to work, you can set the time to connect during your lunch break.  Even just a call to hear everyone’s voices and be able to share a laugh can do wonders.
  5. Find some vinas – Remember that there are lots of other people who aren’t going home for the holidays either, and swipe through on Hey! VINA to discover who’s going to be around! Bond over hot toddies and telling each other your favorite holiday memories.

You are going to see and remember things that will trigger your emotions and make you long for the good old days, but just know you aren’t alone in this. People all over are experiencing the same things as you, it’s just an unfortunate part of growing up. Do your best to make the most of what you have and hope that “next year all [your] troubles will be miles away”.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Very interesting article. It is not my second year without having to go back home for the holidays. I had a trial last December and decided to spend Xmas day working. It was actually quite interesting and felt very happy working in a very good neighbourhood and helping them with the items they had forgotten to buy the day before. Very interesting to share these things to help us girls feel more confident and explore more. Every year something new to share is always the best solution. Happy new year!

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    1. Thank you. This was my first year experiencing a holiday away from home and it was difficult. My experience however is obviously not the same as everyone else’s. I commend you for deciding to work that day. Holiday or not, the world still continues to buzz all around us, and I’m always grateful to those who have to work. Being a young woman trying to start a career and get my adult life on track find that there are many others like myself who just need to know they aren’t going at this whole thing called life, alone. There are others out there who understand and sympathize with us. I try to write articles about things that I may be going through but others can easily relate to. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a prosperous new year!


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