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As November winds to a close, and the holiday season ascends, it’s the perfect time to reflect. The good news is that we’ve almost survived 2017! (And my goodness, what a year it has been!) But while the impending holiday season can bring tremendous joy, the last month of the year also has a way of reminding us what might be missing from our lives.

So, if you start to feel yourself getting lost in those pesky (but very real) holiday blues, look no further than this list! Below we’ve compiled a list of  20 simple things you can do TODAY to make your life TOMORROW better.

  • Smile! Smile lines are better than frown lines. They are a sign of a life well spent, so totally worth it.
  • Work out! It’s always hard to start the work out but I find that’s once I’m in it and after I feel amazing. I sweated out some toxins and set myself up to sleep like a baby. You’ll wake up well rested and on your way to that six pack you’re determined to get.


  • Write a to do list. Feeling overwhelmed can be really stressful. It’s the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time. When you write it all down, it’s easier to see what’s urgent and what can wait to be done tomorrow. It also keeps the thoughts from swirling around in your head.
  • Sometimes, a situation is bothering me but I can’t put my finger on why. Writing out the situation factually helps me get to the root of the emotion and come up with a plan on what to do next.

Why I jounral #2

  • Vent! Telling a friend or trusted confidant why you’re upset can be super therapeutic. Sometimes you just need to get it out. Letting something fester can make the feeling of annoyance or anger worse. At times, it can even intensify it. Get it off your chest today so it doesn’t ruin your tomorrow.
  • Jam out! Putting on some music and dancing around the house always makes me feel better. It’s an instant mood lifter for me. It also counts towards my exercise goal according to my Apple watch. Two birds, one stone!


  • Take a bath – Grab your favorite bath salts or bath bomb and take a soak. This will relax your muscles and your mind and guarantee a good night’s sleep. Who else wants to wake up well rested?!
  • Have some me time. Spending time doing something I love is a great way to unplug. I find it helps me ground myself in what’s most important to me and I’m able to be more attentive to others the next day.


  • Try your hand at a new recipe and pack your lunch. Being creative in the kitchen is one of my favorite things. It helps me laugh at myself and/ or focus on something other than the every day struggles. If you’re lucky, it’s great and you can pack your leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  • Clean your room/ change your bedding. I have to be honest, a clean room is hard to come by for me. In the moment, and even when I lay down after, the good feeling can be fleeting. But once you wake up from a good night’s sleep, you’ll see why it was necessary.
  • Set your outfit out for the next. Pre-planning in any way possible makes tomorrow easier. Planning your outfit today engages your creativity today and your shows your style muscle tomorrow. Bonus, it’ll make your more much easier and your may even get out the door quicker.

closet organized.jpg

  • Clean out your closet and donate. Getting rid of old clothes is a great way to take stock of what you have as well as give to those less fortunate. You’ll have a closet full of your favorite things and some extra confidence for doing a nice thing. Bonus, you get to shop to replace what you’ve donated
  • Volunteer! There are tons of organizations that need your help. Volunteering is not only a good way to give back but you can also make friends and sometimes even love connections. No matter what the outcome, you’ll feel a confidence boost knowing that you helped someone in need.
  • Get to work early, so you can leave early another day. Have a big event tomorrow evening? Go to work early today. Rushing to something after work always makes me anxious. Get in early today so you can leave early tomorrow.

holiday on the beach

  • Plan something fun! I find myself to be just a bit more giddy when I have something to look forward to. Whether its’ a dinner party tomorrow or a vacation for the future, it’ll provide you that good anticipation.
  • Reminisce– Remembering a fun time you had is an amazing way to create warm and fuzzies.


  • Video chat a friend. As we get older and our lives change, it can be hard to get in-person time. Why not take advantage of technology. Video chat is one of the greatest inventions. Many of my friends live in places not easily traveled to. Add a hectic work schedule and various other responsibilities and it can be almost impossible to see each other. Video chat is a great way to stay connected.
  • Start a hobby or re-engage in an old one. Learning something new or engaging in something you forgot about is a good way to promote good feelings that will last through to tomorrow and beyond.

black woman boots


  • Start saving for a splurge. Winter is coming so I know there will be a pair of boots that I’ll be wanting. Since I have expensive tastes, I know they will cost me a fortunate. If you can relate, do what I did and start saving! When you’re able to have those boots, the feeling will be worth it
  • Be in good company! There are people in our worlds that we know when we hang with them, the world is better place. Find that person and spend some time. You’ll bask in the afterglow of a fun time not just tomorrow but probably for days to come.

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