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Snuggle up & watch these flicks!

It’s almost December already?! This means there are only a few short weeks to go before the holiday season is upon us! Which also means we are getting geared up for the rush. And even if you’re not, everybody else is, which means you are sure to be dragged into the whole mess.  SO, while you are thinking about how you are possibly going to get through all of this with your sanity in tact, scribble a few movie dates into your diary with your Vinas.  Going to the movies is still my favourite thing to do.  Anytime, anywhere.

Justice League.jpg

First on my list is my absolute favourite movie of the year (that I haven’t even seen yet!). It stars Ben Affleck as Batman; Henry Cavill as Superman; Jason Momoa as Aquaman; Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and introducing The Flash to the big screen is Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.  Yes, I am talking about JUSTICE LEAGUE! We have been waiting so long for this movie and it is finally here.

The build-up to it was absolutely phenomenal — Superman v Batman, Wonder Woman, and then that surprise right at the end of Suicide Squad… I mean COME ON!!!

And even if you’re not into comic books, you don’t have to follow every single superhero to follow this movie.  It is certainly action packed and will give you a little bit of everything from the romance between Clarke Kent and Lois Lane to Barry Allen’s comedy to the thrilling scenes with Batman and of course the #GIRLPOWER Wonder Woman.  This movie is jam-packed with something for everyone.

It’s out on Friday, November 17th.  And if you’re into this kinda thing, just slipping this one in here, Thor: Ragnarok is coming out on Friday, November 3rd.  Catch it if you can.

light of the moon.jpg

At number two is The Light of the Moon, a chilling thriller starring Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 fame, turning a complete 180 on her comedy usual.

In light of the recent happenings in Hollywood, I found it fitting to highlight this film, because even though I will never be able to understand the pain anybody who has been sexually assaulted is going through, I can certainly try to grasp some of the emotional struggles these strong women are dealing with on a day to day basis.

Though I can’t say much of it since it only releases in a couple of weeks, I can say that the trailer certainly captivated me and opened up avenues in my life which I was scared to address.  Because, even though it is such a regular occurrence,  it is still a very underrated topic.  I was scared to list it because of its dark message.  But then I realized that it is because of this unspoken darkness that I have to list it here.  So many women go through this and with #metoo ignited recently, I think this is a good pick!

It released Wednesday, November 1st.wonder.jpeg

I watched the trailer of this next flick and I was just amazed.  Wonder stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as parents to a little boy named August “Auggie” Pullman played Jacob Tremblay (The little boy from Room).  Auggie was born with a facial difference and is starting school for the first time as a 5th grader.

We all know, kids can be mean and after having 27 surgeries at just 10 years old, you can imagine the pain this little guy has been through already.

The film covers friendships, bullying, standing up for your friends and best of all, my favourite, a mother’s love.

If you’re looking for an inspirational, heart-warming, family drama, this movie will definitely take you there. The movie is based on the New York Times bestseller by R.J. Palacio.  It released on Tuesday, November 17th





Daddy's Home 2.jpg

And lastly, it is Christmas after all, I had to get one Christmas movie in here.  Daddy’s Home 2.  If the prequel to this flick is anything to go by, you will be in stitches the entire movie.  It’s Mark Wahlberg teaming up with Will Ferrell.  This time, they introduce a new duo of dads: Mel Gibson and John Lithgow and the producers could not have chosen a better onscreen dad for these two.  It’s crazy, sarcastic, slapstick almost unbelievable comedy.  And if the trailer is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see the full movie.

It’s Christmas.  There are 3 more dads.  (Did I mention John Cena is in this one too?)  What could possibly go wrong, right?  Catch Daddy’s Home 2 on the big screen from 10 November 2017.


  1. Might I also recommend:

    Lady Bird (amazing female driven film helmed by first time director Greta Gerwig!)

    The Florida Project (with an all-star performance by 7-year old Brooklyn Prince)

    Blade Runner 2049 (better than the first!)

    Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Mississippi (next on my list to see as it promises a strong performance from Frances McDormand)

    Call Me By Your Name (I haven’t seen this yet either, but it comes highly recommended by others)


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