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Make a difference this holiday season

The holiday season is finally here. The leaves are changing & the temps are dropping, reminding us that it’s time to slow down and be thankful.

For many, it’s an opportunity to spend even more time with our vinas & our families. It’s time for bundling up in our cutest flannels, beanies & winter coats, drinking warm cider by the fire & possibly even sharing somewhat embarrassing childhood stories over delicious home-cooked meals. Unfortunately though, not everyone is able to enjoy the picture perfect holidays that so many of us are used to.  worldkindnessday

But we know you have a big heart, vina.

In fact, there’s an entire Hey! VINA volunteer community that proves just how much you care! This time of the year presents us with so many great opportunities to pay it forward within our local communities and beyond. So, call up your besties and organize a volunteer vina date!

Ready to throw kindness like confetti?! 

Below are 5 ways to pay it forward by giving back. If you’ve found another really amazing way to give back, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to feature aspirational stories of vinas making a difference!



Remember that coat you bought a few years ago that seemed like SUCH a good idea, but now it’s totally not your vibe? It could be keeping someone else warm. Shocking idea, right? As the season starts to shift, give your closet a fall clean out. Warm hearts and warm bodies.

Here’s an article on where to donate a winter coat, sleeping bag, or blanket.



People are hungry yo. Stop the hanger in the world volunteer at a food bank, make food deliveries, and serve meals at a soup kitchen. Nothing says love like a hot meal for someone in need! 

Here are some ideas on where to  get involved with a food bank to deliver and serve meals, 


Idea #3: YES YOU CAN

Get your soup together, vinas. This is a can do way to give back. It’s great because this long shelf life giving tactic is so easy, and it can be fun. Tell your friends there will be wine, and all they have to do is show up with some non-perishables.

Here are some tips on how to organize your own canned food drive.

unnamed-1Idea #4 MAKE IT RAIN

The idea of asking people for money can make us all a little uncomfortable, but asking for money for a great cause should feel like your heart is growing three sizes! Choose your favorite charitable cause and then set up a donations page on GoFundMe and share it with everyone you know!



Do you love crafternooning? There are thousands of honorable individuals who are out there protecting our homeland and unable to come back home for the holidays. Send them a note and a gift to show you care. It can be great to get crafty with other DIY Community vinas to design and build care packages to send to the troops. Give a new definition to #SQUADGOALS.

Here’s how to send military care packages to those who can’t come home for the holidays

Ready to give back by paying it forward? Set up a volunteer VINA date!

Sign up for the Hey! VINA app here.

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