You’ve scheduled a date with your vina, because it feels like you haven’t spent quality time together since.. Forevs, and there is just SO much to catch up on!! You get there, super pumped for your hangs and find she has a random +1 in tow.

Ugh. This isn’t what you had in mind! You’ve got things to unload that have volumes of back story that she is already in on, and who is this random person anyway?!

Firstly, take a deep breath.

It sounds like your Vina has a “more the merrier” approach to hangs and that’s cool, each to their own.

She might even have a different bonding style to you.

Once you’ve gotten over unexpectedly finding yourself in a social 3-way, try to turn the situation around and sieze this as an opportunity to make a new friend, perhaps one who will appreciate the value of 1 on 1 time…

If it seems like she hasn’t given any thought to who she is bringing (i.e some dude she met on the way), or if she does it every single time, you might need to address it with her by letting her know that you miss hanging out Just The Two Of You. 

Sing the song if you have to.

If she still doesn’t get it, don’t take it personally. Some people like to diversify their social time by seeing everyone at once, and you might just have to accept that this is how she rolls and how it’s going to be.

(Featured image via Pinterest)


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