Loving yourself, my dear vina, is more important than may you think. When we’re happy, it shows – our eyes shine and our smiles radiate when we know, without second-guessing, we are confident and strong.

When we love ourselves, we are the best version of ourselves. It’s been written about before, and it will be again – when we’re kind to ourselves, we live happier (and healthier) lives. So celebrate yourself, vina – be your own biggest fan.

When I feel like I need a little more self-love, I grab a pen and start writing down what I love about myself. I also write down some goals I have to achieve that level of happiness with myself. Sometimes, that list turns into poetry. And that’s exactly what happened here, vina! Here is a poem I wrote, as a series of haikus, to honor the act of loving ourselves.

An Ode to Loving Ourselves

When you love yourself,
your fierceness is a fire
to be reckoned with —

your confidence, strength,
and motivation cannot –
and will not – be quiet

because when you put
your happiness and self first —
you live well. You thrive.

When you love yourself,
You shine. You’re open to new

Your mindfulness will
silence the negative thoughts
and cultivate peace.

Love yourself, vina.
Accept and celebrate YOU.
You are so worth it.

(Feature image via Bloglovin’)

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