Elizabeth Warren, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Elected to the Senate in 2012, Elizabeth Warren has not been a stranger to fighting for what’s right for the citizens of America – especially when it comes to economic matters. Before she was elected, she wrote two books with her daughter about finance which focused on middle class families and creating a lifetime financial plan. Before that, she became an expert on bankruptcy law. She went on to teach law at Harvard and began a political career in the late 2000s. Thank goodness she did, because she’s able to fight for us on a national scale now!

She is tirelessly fighting for economic stability.

In a financial climate that most millennials find difficult to deal with (whether it be because we’re saddled with student loan debt or struggling to buy a home for the first time without paying astronomical rates or additional throw-away costs), Warren has not stopped fighting a system that has consistently favored the big banks/corporations over the needs of the working middle class. She is not afraid to request accountability from Wall Street executives and she doesn’t back down.

Along with that, she fights for racial injustice.

She is accountable for the fact she is a white woman who has experienced privilege in her life, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting for those who are on the opposite side of the coin. It’s not something you see often in our current political climate. She is vocal about and owns the fact that she has not faced the oppression that confronts the black community in America, but she refuses to ignore it like other politicians sometimes do. Instead, she keeps working toward making changes and acknowledges we have not, as a country, made enough changes.

She advocates for women’s health.

She refuses to let our country move backward without a fight. When politicians are out to defund Planned Parenthood, she stands strong while bringing up a haunting fact of the past.

When I talk about 1955, I’m talking about a world where women died. I’m talking about a world where women committed suicide rather than go forward with a pregnancy they could not handle, and what the Republicans are saying is they want to go back, and I want to make it clear we are not going back – not now, not ever.”

She is an ally. ❤

I mean, just watch this video:

Elizabeth Warren: It Gets Better

Basically, we all have a crush on Elizabeth Warren because she cares about and fights for us. It’s comforting to have a strong woman at the table fighting for our rights. I, for one, am happy to have her on our side!

(Featured image via The New Yorker)

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