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Somewhere between juggling academics, a social life, exercise, all the while hunting for a job, it’s inevitable that we all reach a point of exhaustion. The same goes for our friends. Even if we haven’t experienced a roadblock in our careers, we can all put on our best friend hats and be there for those who are going through a rough patch.

Listen to her

We can all sympathize and tell her things like, “It will all work out” or “It’s gonna be OK.” and regardless of what they want to believe, the one thing we can always do is listen. Whether it’s to hear her rant or sharing your own experiences, we can learn a lot from simply listening to what is troubling her.

Reflect on her passions

It can be easy for our friends to forget how amazing they are in the face of adversity. No matter what her passions are, it’s important for you to remind them how much potential they have. Be the Leslie Knope to your Ann Perkins and let her channel her emotions into motivation. Let it be the driving force for her to progress and march forward in reaching her aspirations.

Develop an action plan

Sometimes simply telling someone, “It’s going to be ok” just doesn’t seem to suffice. That’s when you two should devise an action plan to get to reach her goal. Remember there is no one route to success and despite where your peers are in life, know that there are many ways to accomplish a goal. What is the problem she’s having right now? Is it the fact the she can’t nail her interviews or having a problems with specific class? There are a ton of resources that can help us, it’s up to ourselves to utilize them to help us achieve our goals.

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