You’ve seen the term “K Beauty” when you pore over the latest magazines or while you scroll through Instagram, but if you’re like a lot of Vina’s you might not have any idea as to what exactly “K Beauty” is.  Simply put, “K Beauty” is technically a skin care product that is derived from South Korea.  Most “K Beauty” products reach cult status, and the trend of these products has been hot for almost two years now.  Let’s take a look at a few K Beauty Trends for Fall:

It’s all about the ingredients:

K Beauty products are known for having ingredients that might not be mainstream here in the USA.  This includes snail slime, bee venom (which is considered an anti-inflammatory and knick-named “faux-tox), starfish extract, and pig collagen.  This fall rare and uncommon ingredients are nothing new.  For those leary of putting unorthodox ingredients on their skin, Catherine Jinn, a skin care line that is made here in the USA, but modeled after traditional K Beauty regimens, has launched a product called PRO BIO-PLACENTA ESSENCE, which delivers the same benefits that real placenta does, combining moisturizer, eye and facial serum all into one step.  While many products do contain Placenta, you can trust that this product does not contain Placenta, and hasn’t been tested on animals.

The sheet mask resurgence:

You can thank K Beauty for the sheet mask trend here in the USA, and thankfully they are here to stay.  Azure Cosmetics has a complete collection of this Asian beauty staple with options that include Charcoal Pearl Detox, Collagen and Vitamin C, 24k Gold, and Hyaluronic Acid.  Some sheet masks are gentle enough to use daily, and provide the perfect way to relax…as you are forced to lay down while they are being applied.   Hint: if you don’t like shocking yourself with the cool masks, warm the package up between your hands before applying.

Vitamin C:

As a sun worshipper in my youth, my skin has thanked me with discoloration and dark spots…Vitamin C based products have become my staple year round.  Vitabrid is perfect for Fall.  The V-C line includes Hair and Skin Care products and has been featured in Vogue!

If you are ready to dive into the K Beauty “rabbit hole” here’s a great place to skope out new products.  Some other brands to check out are Luxe Botanics, Purlisse, and Benton.

(Feature image via Korean Beauty Tumblr)

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