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5 things to do in LA instead of watching Hocus Pocus again.



OK, so who doesn’t need an adorable BFF photo in a freaking pumpkin patch right now. Put on those fall fashions. Pick up a pumpkin. And update your Instagram story ASAP. Buy a pumpkin that you have no intention of carving, and then treat yourselves to a PSL. It’s October, YOLO!

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I don’t know about you vinas, but I’m hungry AF like basically all the time. So, any vina date that involves walking between stands of delicious food and losing track of how much I’ve eaten sounds amazing, amirite? Look at this girl with her ice creams. She could be your vina. Those ice creams could be for you and your other vinas. Go to the food festival even if you live in Venice. Trust us, it will be totally worth it.

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unnamed-4.pngLet’s go pretend to be German and drink beers with a million other people. Bonding over a cold one while surrounded by people in lederhosen is always a good idea, and do you really need another reason? There’s beer. Oh! And don’t forget about the guarantee of some super authentic and quality accordion music. Change it up, vinas. Beer is good for you, it’s liquid bread. Or whatever.

More info:’m all about getting creepy AF in the month of October, and this sounds like a super ideal place to do that. So, while this is not technically ON Dia De Los Muertos, but what better place to celebrate than the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Let’s paint our faces, take gratuitous Instagram photos, and hangout? Count us in, vina. Count us in.

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So actual Halloween is on a lame-o Wednesday this year. We’re bound to be exhausted come weekend Halloween parties, but I say you drag your butts out to the streets of West Hollywood and rage with the best of them. You know it’s gonna be good, so your plans to watch Hocus Pocus for the 11th time this month can wait, ok? They’re shutting down the streets for this shin dig. See ya out there!

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