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With a lot of freedom comes a lot of options

If you just graduated from college, congratulations! The feeling of not having to attend class, work on papers, and study for finals is the feeling of freedom. However, it can also be confusing. When we’re settled in the same routines for a long time, it can be difficult to transition to a new one. We have a few ideas to help you create a new routine during your first autumn after college. We do encourage you to experiment and explore. After all, you have one less obligation now!


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All of those all-nighters might make you feel like you’ve lost a lifetime of sleep. But because you no longer have papers and tests to worry about, you can sleep in a little more. Aside from getting more shut-eye, this fall is a perfect time to indulge in healthy activities. Think of new exercise routine, getting a massage, or practicing meditation. Take some time to unwind from those years of stress and make it a priority to take care of yourself.


Now that you have your degree, you can start looking for and actually applying to jobs that have that ol’ “Bachelor’s Degree Required” qualification. Your job search doesn’t even have to be related to your major— you can pretty much apply anywhere that sounds relevant to your skills and interests. As we mentioned before, it’s time to explore. Use your newfound free time to polish up your resume, fill out applications, and go to interviews.

Alternatively, you can go for internships, as most companies (especially larger ones) look for recent college graduates in addition to college students. Another work-related option to consider (even if you’re actively job-hunting) is asking your employer for full-time hours if you are currently working part-time somewhere. After all, extra money is always a good thing!


Speaking of extra money, you may want to use any new income on paying off student loans, bills, and other obligations in your new adult life. It’s also important to catch up with family and friends you might not have seen in a while. Catch up on passion projects or some house cleaning. Basically, get back in black and de-clutter your life.


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If you do happen to have some savings, reward yourself for all your hard work at school, and take a trip! Check a dream destination (or maybe two or three) off your bucket list or revisit a city or country you love. Go with your vinas, family, or sweetheart or fly solo! If you’re looking for a travel buddy, download Hey! VINA! If you’re on a bit of a budget, take a day or overnight trip in your city or somewhere close by. You’ll never know what new things you’ll discover!


Gulp. This can sound a bit scary, but some folks truly want to start from a clean slate right after graduating college—and that usually means moving somewhere totally new. You can do it too! Maybe you’re a Midwesterner and your dream job is in New York or LA. Maybe you’re just bothered by the cold winters where you are, and you want to live somewhere less cold. Maybe the cost of living somewhere else just works out better for you. If you want to start your post-college life somewhere new, opportunity will follow.


Wait, what?! All those years of exams, projects, and homework assignments, and you’re willing to take on more? Well, if you want to go for that Master’s and/or Ph.D., there’s nothing stopping you! If you want to continue learning but don’t want to spend another 2 to 4+ years back in school, check out a career school or a community college to master a new subject or skill. Even after we move on from our school days, we should always be learning— sometimes that learning might come from even more formal education!

What were your post-grad plans? Let us know what you learned in the comments!

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