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Because we need more women in the world of tech!

Let’s be real – much of today’s thriving and ever-growing tech industry is largely dominated by the male workforce. For obvious reasons, we are big fans of female empowerment in the tech industry. We also want to encourage female entrepreneurs to take risks when it comes to establishing start-ups— which is why we were very excited when we learned about the Women’s Startup Lab’s Accelerator Program for female founders in Silicon Valley!

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Women’s Startup Lab is dedicated to providing resources to, and creating connections between, female entrepreneurs and successful leaders in Silicon Valley. They look to break the gender barriers in the technology field and encourage women to make a name for themselves and their ideas in the world of tech. Their tech Accelerator Program for this fall promises to help female entrepreneurs do just that: It begins with a two-week program (September 17-30) at the Women’s Startup Lab in the Silicon Valley, followed by monthly coaching calls, additional workshops, and other various resources. The program provides a chance to learn from the most successful Silicon Valley tech trailblazers and an opportunity to jumpstart an idea you’d like to develop into a company.

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Ari Horie, the founder of Women’s Starup Lab. Via Women’s Startup Lab Press Release

These accelerator programs are not uncommon in the tech industry, but they are often dominated by men. There are surely many seeds of brilliant ideas in female minds all around the world that only need to be planted and cultivated. Women’s Startup Lab wants to do just this, and motivate “ethical, conscientious, and globally-minded” women to shatter the glass ceiling and break into the tech world by innovating, collaborating, and creating together. Um, amazing!

The program is selective, and applicants must be forward-thinking, determined, hardworking, and creative to get a spot, but the reward of being accepted into the program is worth the effort. Apply here for a chance to participate in the Accelerator Program, transform a bright idea into your own business, and work with other empowered women to develop technology to help change the world!

Do you think women should be given a bigger say in the tech industry? Download Hey! VINA to meet other forward-thinking entrepreneurs!

(Featured image via Model View Culture)

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