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Tips for bringing your best self to to class!

Transitioning into the college campus atmosphere can be liberating, yet it can feel uneasy stepping into a new territory. No worries! We’re here to give you vinas some tips on how to bring your best self to class for your freshman year! College will be one of the best experiences of your life. You get to meet new roommates, study what you love, and discover yourself through the next four years of your beautiful life! Here are some tips on how to make the most of it:


Morning classes can feel super early when you stay up late studying. Finding your local coffee shop near campus is crucial to feeling alert in class. The coffee shop you choose could be your new favorite study area and place to make new friends! If you don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, try to find a spot that delivers lovely green tea for energy! Staying motivated in the morning will make you an A+ student.

Mooiste coffee shops


College is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends from all over the country that share similar life views as you. College campuses offer tons of activities, from Greek life, to book clubs, and more. Be sure to keep your eyes open for billboards on campus; they usually will offer events and clubs to join.

Alpha Phi | @aliandariel
Via Ali & Ariel


Be an active reader. Learning to highlight, underline, and take notes on the side of your book will be essential in picking out the information that will be on an exam. If a sentence seems important…underline it. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers which specific sections are going to be essential to know for the exam. Team up with a classmate and read together. Being an active reader will help you gain freshman year confidence when it comes to your studies!

Studying with a partner or a small group can be both social and productive, so grab your best classmates and set time to prepare for finals together.
Via We Heart It


College workload can be daunting at times. Try to aim for at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Be kind to yourself and your body. Your brain will thank you later when it comes to test time. Meal-plan during the week, so that you feel healthy. Sleeping well paired with eating a balanced diet will make you feel like a rockstar in class!

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY sleeping mask Eyelashes sleep mask by GoiaBoutique
Via Etsy


College is a great opportunity to learn how to budget your finances. Between tuition, books, club activities, and groceries, expenses can add up . Whichever bank you’re a member of will likely be happy to sit down with you to figure out how to save, pay off student loans, and plan for the future financially.

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When you feel lost in new territory, never be afraid to ask for help. Vinas who have already been on campus for a good amount of time will be happy to help you. Be sure to carry around your course schedule and a map of the campus. It will be helpful in navigating your way around until you feel comfortable with getting around. Never be embarrassed asking for help! It makes other vinas feel good to help out!

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Via College Raptor


If you find yourself stressed out from a college workload, be sure to make your way to a yoga class or meditation session. These activities are great tools to clear your mind and remind you to live in the moment. Meditation and yoga are phenomenal ways to learn to take life in stride, which is the best way to handle college courses!

Image result for yoga mat college campus
Via Montclair State University

So, get excited, vinas! College is a life-changing experience that allows your mind, body, and heart to grow to your full potential! Take time to enjoy the beauty around you, cultivate new friendships, join a club (or clubs) and make the most out of your freshman year. You got this, vinas. Now, go out and conquer the college world!

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