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It's the age-old question

It’s been debated countless times, and you’ve probably seen numerous articles about it posted on Facebook. You’re stumped. Is it healthier to be best friends with your partner or should you save that for your besties? We’re not going to give an exact answer on which is best, but here is some food for thought on the subject:

Some of us feel marriage and friendship require each other to survive. I’ve heard my own grandma tell me that you must be friends with your partner, else your marriage will fail when the sexual attraction dies down.

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Others say it’s best to have romance with your partner and reserve friendship with your vinas. They may think that being best friends with your fiancee will only dim the lust and spontaneity of your relationship. Furthermore, many think to rely on your partner to be your BFF is to “put all your eggs into one basket.” If your relationship ends, you’ll be all the more devastated. (There is, of course, the argument that anticipating your relationship ending isn’t a good idea when building a future with someone— you should hope for the best.) Nonetheless, there are some topics we want to discuss only with our best girlfriend, time we only want to spend with our vinas that a partner can’t always replicate.

As social animals, connections are important for us. The bottom line is, we all tend to connect with different people in different ways. The way I connect with my husband is not going to be the same way as you connect with yours, or even the same way as I connect with my best vina. And that’s okay.

Are you happy with your partner? If you’re able to achieve characteristics of a healthy relationship: interdependence, good communication and general respect for one another—then it doesn’t even matter. You’re on the right track, whether you’re besties or not.

Give us your thoughts on this age-old debate, and don’t forget to download Hey! VINA !

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